Department of Hospital Therapy

The Department of Hospital Therapy, UzhNU was formed on the basis of the Medical faculty in the 50-s of last century.

Teaching internal diseases at the faculty started in January 1948. The formation and development of therapeutic departments at the early stages is associated with the names of I.D. Chornovolot, professor T.T.Hlukhenky, E.F.Hanzherosh, F.S.Kerekesh, S.I.Dobosh, candidate of medical scienceS.M.Mikulanynets, assistant professor V.I.Buletsa, assistant professor I.A.Mihunov.

In January 1949 the Department of General Therapy was headed by Professor V.M.Slyshko from Rostov-on-Don. Professor V.M.Slyshko believed that clinical department lecturer’s main focus of training is to be on treatment of patients without going into hypotheses and theories. He paid special attention to scientific work and medical practices. V.M.Slyshko led scientific expeditions to study goiter disease in our region. Together with the assistant professor A.H.Kestner he was the first scientist who discovered hemorrhagic fever of the nephrosis-nephritis type, which was included in the Great Medical Encyclopedia under the title Transcarpathian hemorrhagic fever. He proved the existence of brucellosis in the region and paid his attention to the classification of thyroid diseases and their pathogenesis in our region. Professor V.M.Slyshko paid considerable attention to training of the teaching staff. Among his disciples were professors O.M.Kyshko and L.F.Kravchenko.

In 1956 the Department of General Therapy served as the basis of forming the Chair of Internal Diseases incorporating the course in Hospital Treatment, headed by Professor M.S.Turkeltaub. The department was an active research centre at that time, concentraining on majors lines of study and training the teaching staff. Professor V.M.Slyshko and professor Turkeltaub’s schools brought up practically all therapeutic university departments managers.

As an independent unit, Department of Hospital Therapy was established on the basis of therapeutic departments of Uzhgorod Regional Clinical Hospital in 1969. The first head of the department was Associate Professor Isaac Andriyovych Migunov. In the period of formation the department experienced some difficulties that were primarily related to the lack of full-time lecturers. As a result, a significant part of the training process was provided by practicing physicians, working part-time. However, despite the significant overload of the educational process, regular staff managed to arrange methodological and research work. The department conducted the study of working conditions, the incidence of temporary disability and state of health of the forestry, logging and wood processing industry employees. For some time the department carried out two particularly important for NAS of Ukraine research topics. The research and academic potential of the department grew with time. M.Y.Dolhosh M.I.Fatula became associate professors, E.S.Ivancho and T.T.Dulishkovych defended their theses.

From 1975 to 1990 the department was headed by Professor N.I.Korabelschykova, a cardiologist, who paid great attention to scientific, educational, medical and educational work, implemented a phased system of myocardial infarction treatment in the hospitals of the region.

N.I.Korabelschykova  supervised 7 candidate theses. From 1990 to 2006, the department was headed by Professor M. M. Kyshko, who successfully continued the tradition of his predecessors. Since 2006, the department is headed by professor M. Rishko.

The Department staff provides training in Internal Medicine at the 5th and 6th years of study at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as providing the study of Endocrinology, Occupational Diseases, Clinical Immunology and Allergology, and Clinical Pharmacology. The textbooks and manuals of these subjects have been published. The process of training is carried out at the department’s clinical bases - the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital named after A. Novak and the Transcarpathian Regional Cardiology Clinic. The Department of Hospital Therapy is actively involved in organizing and supervising the students' practical training in Internal Medicine. Students are engaged in research work at the department. The Department staff are actively involved in the activities of the Transcarpathian Regional Therapist Society, heading the sections of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Hematology, and Functional Diagnostics. The Department staff together with the staff of the Transcarpathian Regional Cardiology Clinic, have made a major effort in organization and practical implementation of modern methods of emergency care to patients with acute myocardial infarction in the Transcarpathian region.

The Department research work aims at study of coronary heart disease, epidemiology of diabetes, respiratory diseases, rheumatology. Department staff conduct research in the regional peculiarities of the course of internal diseases in the Ukrainian Carpathians, are actively engaged in innovative activities. The Department provides postgraduate studies in the specialty 14.01.11 «Internal Diseases». For the last years three candidate theses (T.V. Chendey, U.V. Korsak, M.V. Filonenko) and one doctorate thesis (M.V. Bychko) have been defended. 

M. Polyuzhyn