Department of Oncology

Department of Oncology was established on 1 September 2008. By this time there was a course at the department of oncology hospital surgery, which has existed since 1948. Department history begins with the restructuring of the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Oncology Center, which were built separate room for the newly created department. By the Department of Oncology were added resuscitation course and a course of radiation medicine.

In the history of the department - long creative connections and relationships with all oncological institutions: KHMAPE, ZMAPO, Chernivtsi Medical University, KMAPE them. PL, Kharkov Institute of Radiology, NCI, Crimean Cancer Center, as well as foreign institutions such as Debrecen Medical University, Kosice Medical University of Vienna Medical University and others.

Order of the Department of Health of 12 October 1970, the number 559 guided by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 22.06.1970 № 372 "Oblonkodyspanser use as a clinical site Uzhgorod State University Medical Faculty and practical assistance for oncology health authorities" oblonkodyspanser approved clinical base of the medical faculty. On the basis of oncologic dispensary works department of oncology with a course of radiation medicine and intensive care medical faculty UzhNU. Head of the department MD, Professor, "Honored inventor of Ukraine", foreign member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences A.V Rusin.

The Department has: 1 MD, Professor, 6 PhD, associate professors, 4 assistants, and laboratory.

On the basis of the clinical department uses the most modern methods of diagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, videoendoskopiya, laparoscopy, Radionuclide imaging of organs and bones, mammography, thermography, ultrasound.

Scientists of the department head of the regional health system edge. Professor Andrew V. Rusin - Head Physician of the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Oncology Center, Chief Oncologist of Health of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration.

      The department conducts educational process in oncology, radiology, radiation medicine, anesthesiology and intensive care, emergency and urgent medical care in oncology nursing. These subjects published manuals. Much work cathedral staff together with the employees of the Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Oncology Center of pay and practical implementation of modern methods of providing care for patients with cancer in the Transcarpathian region.

      Department participated in the writing of the national textbook "Oncology".

      Studies conducted by the state and in English.


Відповідальний за інформацію: д.м.н., проф. Русин А.В.
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