Department of Administrative, Financial and Informative Law

The department of Administrative, Financial and Informative Law is the structural department of Faculty of Law, Uzhhorod National University. The main task of the department is to provide highly qualified specialists in the field of administrative and financial law for their further successful activity in scientific and practical sphere.

The department provides teaching bachelor and magister degree specialties “Law”, “International law” and “Law enforcement” and  the following subjects : administrative law, comparative administrative law, administrative justice, tax law, information law, banking law, medical law, municipal law, state-confessional law, civil service, administrative proceedings, etc. The department provides educational component of the educational-scientific program "Law" at the educational level of PhD, in particular, in such disciplines as "Presentation and management of scientific projects," System of public administration bodies "," Constitutional justice in Eastern Europe " and others.

The contest of courses has been focused on theoretical knowledge system formation and practical skills concerning legal aid granting in the sphere of public administration functioning, implementation of function and powers of government entities, protection of human and civil rights in the field of public administration, as well as the implementation of administrative procedures.

The department of Administrative, Financial and Informative Law continues it’s self development and creates new courses to satisfy  needs of future professionals in the field of law.


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