Department of Administrative, Financial and Informative Law

The department is a structural unit of Uzhhorod National University Law faculty. Its establishment is determined by the requirements for highly qualified specialists in the field of administrative, finance and informational law, taking into account the European vector of its development, including the Transcarpathia, setting up powerful cross-border cooperation with the regions of the State Members to the European Union.

The major task of the department is to provide high-quality training for specialists in administrative, finance and informational law based on the intensification of attention to the fundamental and special training for further activity both in the scientific and applied spheres.

There is an increased reqirement among the employers in specialists with profound knowledge of the European legal system. Therefore, a thorough study of the European law and practice of its application without any harm for obtaining basic legal knowledge is a perspective direction which will enable students, specializing at the department, to be worthy rivals in the labour market both in Ukraine and abroad.

At present the department provides training in two specializations: “Law” and “International Law”. It offers core subjects and special courses such as Administrative Law, Comparative Administrative Law, Financial Law, Tax law, Information law, Banking Law, Canon Law, Medical Law, Municipal Law, Legal regulation of cross-border cooperation in Europe, Public Service and other.

The content of the courses is focused on the formation of the students' system of theoretical knowledge and practical skills on legal support of the public administration  functioning, protection of citizens' rights in the field of public administration as well as the implementation of the tasks and functions of administrative proceedings. The department of Administrative, Financial and Information Law continues developing and createing new courses to meet the needs of future specialists in law.