Department of International Law

The department was established in 1997 within the framework of the then Uzhhorod State Institute of Information Sciences, Economics and Law which was reorganized into Transcarpathian State University of the 4th level of accreditation in 2004.

In accordance with the incorporation of the University and Uzhhorod National University (hereinafter referred to as UzhNU) in 2013, the Department of International Law became the department of UzhNU.

The Department of International Law has been headed by Professor Dynys Heorhii Heorhiiovych since its creation. 

Educational and methodic materials, syllabi, manuals, tests in all the educational subjects and special courses have been worked out by the teaching staff of the department. In the course of scientific research the problems of general international law and its branches, a number of scientific and monographic publications in native and foreign editions on the following topics have been performed: 

  • theory and practice of international law conceptual bases of transboundary cooperation of Ukraine and neighbouring countries;
  • conceptual approaches to international law teaching in Ukrainian higher educational establishments;
  • international law conceptions of global law, Internet law or cyber law and acceptance of corresponding transformations in international law;
  • theory and practice of modern international law transformations;
  • problems of the effectiveness of the mechanism of international law regulating of globalizing processes during economic crises;
  • theoretical bases of interrelations between the international relations modern system and the  international law subsystem;
  • international law principles of Ukrainian geopolitics in the context of globalization processes of the international relations system;
  • present-day challenges for double-sided relations between Ukraine and neighbouring Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary: international law aspects;
  • international law principles of the Carpathian Euroregion conception;
  • international law aspects of Ukrainian regional politics;
  • international law mechanism of the integration Ukraine – NATO;
  • the role of the European Council in realization of European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine;
  • the effectiveness of the mechanism of international law to regulate interstate  armed conflicts (on the example of Russia-Georgia interstate armed conflict  );
  • international investment law, free economic zones;
  • regional aspects of perspectives for Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO;
  • the necessity for modernization of Ukrainian higher education system under the conditions of globalization;
  • the geopolitics of Ukraine: law aspects of history and present time;
  • the identification of humanity crimes in international law;
  • legal settlement and protection of the rights of minority groups in Germany at the federal level;
  • criminal liability of individuals for breaking the norms of international humanitarian law;
  • the implementation of international law norms concerning the protection of minority groups in the legislation of FRG;
  • civil protection of innovations in Ukraine and EU countries.

The teaching staff of the International Law Department takes an active part in realizing the state program on legal education in the region, preparation of draft laws and regional international programs on transboundary partnership between Ukraine and neighbouring states.