Department of Economic Theory

The scientific and teaching activity of the department fully corresponds to the mission of Uzhhorod National University as a research and innovative university, in particular: the department trains a new generation of specialists capable of ensuring positive changes in the region's economy, professionals who can combine scientific, research and entrepreneurial activities. Such effective activity of the department is provided by strategic partnership with regional state structures, representatives of large, medium and small businesses, leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine and neighboring countries, including participation in International Consortium of Universities.

Achieving this strategic goal in the educational process involves combination of educational, scientific, practical and innovative activities.

The first Economic Forum of Transcarpathia, which took place on the basis of the Faculty of Economics of Uzhhorod National University. Leading businessmen and directors of companies of the Zakarpattia region, official representatives of the region and the city, national government representatives (Uzhhorod, 2019) joined the forum.

The organization of the educational process at the department is aimed not only at training a highly qualified specialist who has professional knowledge, but also at developing personal social skills that will allow future graduates to be successful in their workplace. That is why applicants are involved in classes that anticipate creative partnership, which are dominated by group, pair forms of learning with the usage of interactive, person-centered, problem-solving, project methods and technologies, involving applicants in project development, presentations in professional and practical orientation, practical workshops and "brainstorming".

To ensure the educational process, the Department of Economic Theory has prepared and published a number of methodological materials – guidance manual, courses of lectures, practical and test tasks etc.

Students constantly take part in international scientific-practical events. Thus, in particular, our applicants are involved in the analysis of economic problems and situations, in addition they participate in international economic projects (X-culture, USA; Economic Competitions, Hungary) where in practice they have the opportunity to cooperate with students from foreign universities in order to share experiences, knowledge, and improve their practical skills.

In the process of studying software disciplines, the e-learning site Moodle is also used, which allows students to get acquainted with the lecture material and practical tasks in the “on-online mode ". Each course is provided with a methodical set of documents developed by teachers of the department in accordance with the requirements of state standards of higher education.



A team of students of the Faculty of Economics at international competitions in economics (Miskolc,Hungary, 2019)

 The higher-education teaching personnel of the department works fruitfully in the field of academic affairs. Among the scientific studied by the staff of the department are issues  related to economic mechanism, tourism and recreational activities, labor potential of the region and its efficiency, cross-border economic cooperation in terms of globalization and European integration, national transportation and logistics systems, and causes, economic consequences of a systemic corruption and its impact on the development of a society in Ukraine. On these issues, lecturers of the department have published a number of monographs, articles and abstracts.

Head of the Department of Economic Theory Alexander Molnar at the international conference "Entrepreneurship export exchange" at the University of Richmond (Richmond, USA, 2019)

In addition, members of the Department of Economic Theory systematically take an active part in national and international research-to-practice conferences. Over the past three years, employees of the department have published more than 100 scientific publications, posted in leading professional, foreign and international scientometric outlets.

Source: Head of the Department – A.S. Molnar.
Last update: 23.04.2021