Department of Finance and Banking


 FINANCIERS are professionals who know more about money than those who own it.

The profession of FINANCIER is a win-win option for employment, and financial education means fast career growth and a prestigious high-paying job.

The Department of Finance and Banking is a graduating department of the Faculty of Economics, which trains specialists in the field of knowledge 07 - management and administration, specialty 072 - "Finance, Banking and Insurance". As part of the specialty, the department trains specialists in educational programs: "Finance and Credit", "Customs Affairs and Valuation Activities" at the educational levels "Bachelor" and "Master".

History of development. The Department was founded in 1964 in order to provide training for highly qualified economists in the specialty "Finance and Credit" and implementation of research work in the field of finance.

At different stages of formation of the Department it was headed by Professor Meshko I.M., Associate Professor Lechiga Yo.Yo., Associate Professor Sember S.V., Associate Professor Pityulych M.M. Currently, the head of the Department of Finance and Banking is Doctor of Economics, Professor Vira Ivanivna Vartsaba.

Today the Department has a strong staff potential (4 Doctors of Sciences, 10 Doctors of Philosophy, 3 senior teachers), provides teaching of 61 disciplines, has a modern material, technical and educational base.

The purpose and tasks. In accordance with modern guidelines for the development of education and science of Ukraine, Ukraine's integration into the European space, the development strategy of the Department of Finance and Banking is aimed at achieving high quality training in accordance with the educational characteristics of Bachelor and Master of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

Training in the specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance" is:

* the possibility of professional training from the 1st year;

* the opportunity to obtain a modern and broad economic specialty with 100% employment;

* the possibility of semester study abroad;

* the opportunity to continue postgraduate education.


The educational program "Finance and Credit" provides the formation of abilities and practical skills to apply modern knowledge of financial science and acquired competencies in professional activities in all sectors of the economy and the financial and credit system: in public finance, including budget and tax systems, local finance, business finance, small business and household finance, financial markets, banking and insurance, international finance using specialized information systems, modern financial technologies and software products.

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Educational level "Bachelor":

Educational level "Master":


 The opening of the educational program "Customs Affairs and Valuation Activities" in 2016 is objectively due to the unique geopolitical location of the Transcarpathian region, which borders on 4 EU member states, and therefore is relevant and promising for applicants. The educational and professional program is focused on the formation of a system of general and special competencies needed by modern economic professionals with an emphasis on in-depth study of the basics of customs and expert, and valuation activities, which will solve a wide range of practical problems in future professional activities.

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Educational level "Bachelor":

Educational level "Master":

Education at the educational level "Bachelor" on the basis of complete general education lasts 4 years (full-time), 5 years (extramural); on the basis of EQL "Junior Specialist" - 2 years for both forms of education, for the educational level "Master" - 1 year 4 months for both forms of education.

The place of professional activity of graduates of the specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance" may be relevant positions in public authorities and local governments, government agencies, organizations and enterprises of various economic activities and forms of ownership, financial, credit, insurance and consulting companies, in expert valuation agencies, divisions of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, in investment, social and pension funds, real estate agencies, etc. 

You can find out additional information at the specified address, or send your questions to the e-mail of the Department.

Contact information:

Address: 88000, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Uzhhorod, Universytetska St., 14a, Room 405

Head of the Department: Vartsaba Vira Ivanivna



Students share their knowledge of financial planning and money management in the educational video (“Financial literacy as a key competence for a successful future”)


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