Department of Finance and Banking

In crisis conditions, unstable geopolitical, inefficient monetary and fiscal policy, there are conditioned the complication and simultaneous increase of the social role of finance, which has become a relatively independent sphere of economic science and practice. Therefore, the professorial teaching staff of the Department of Finance and Banking faces a responsible task – a formation of new financial and managerial thinking among students and a preparation of a future professional, efficient, active, high-quality financial and intellectual elite that should stand at the forefront of financial and economic development of the state and regions.

The Department of Finance and Banking was founded in 1964 for the purpose of teaching and methodological support of education of higher qualification economists in the speciality «Finance and Credit» and carrying out research work in the financial field.

At different stages of the Department formation it was headed by prof. Meshko I.M., assoc. prof. Lechyga Y.Y., assoc. prof. Sember S.V., assoc. prof. Pityulich M.M. Nowadays the Head of the Department of Finance and Banking is Vira Ivanivna Vartsaba, D. Sc., professor of the Department.

The department provides teaching of 65 academic disciplines for all specialities of the Faculty of Economics. Teaching of disciplines is provided by 2 Doctors of Sciences, professors, 16 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D.), associate professors and 7 teachers.

Education of specialists of all qualification levels is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On higher education» № 1556-8 and in accordance with the CMU Resolution from April, 29 2015, № 266 «On approval of the list of knowledge branches and specialities which train higher education applicants», a knowledge branch 07 – Management and Administration, a speciality code 072 – «Finance, Banking and Insurance».

Within the speciality the Department provides education on the following specializations:

  • Finance and Credit
  • Customs Business and Valuation Activity

 «Finance and Credit» is a specialization that focuses on the education of qualified specialists for the state’s financial system, which must objectively assess economic processes taking place in society, understand the essence and trends of financial relations and their features in the field of public finance, international finance and finance of economic entities. Financial management takes the leading place in business practice, and, therefore, financial manager’s activity depends on entity’s efficiency degree, market price of its fixed assets, optimal allocation of financial resources, and making effective management decisions. Our specialists are prepared for economic, organizational, managerial, analytical, research work in the fields of state and corporate finance, banking and insurance.

 The introduction of the specialization «Customs Business and Valuation Activity» in 2016 is due to the unique geopolitical location of the Transcarpathian region, which borders on four EU member states, and therefore is topical and perspective for entrants. It combines knowledge of customs law of Ukraine and EU, features of foreign economic and customs management, customs control and customs clearance, as well as skills in assessing value of property and property rights, development and use of modern technologies and models of valuation.


The places of professional activity of graduates

of the speciality «Finance, Banking and Insurance» may be the following:

  • State bodies of territorial and municipal levels;
  • Financial departments of regional and district state administrations;
  • State Financial Inspection;
  • State Treasury Service;
  • State Customs Service;
  • Insurance companies;
  • National Bank of Ukraine, other central banks, commercial banks;
  • Expert agencies;
  • Rating companies;
  • Social insurance funds and social security services;
  • Pension (state and non-state) funds;
  • Real estate agencies;
  • Credit unions;
  • Investment funds;
  • Currency, financial, commodity exchanges;
  • Consulting companies;
  • Cash collection and transportation services;
  • Enterprises of different ownership forms;
  • Higher and secondary educational establishments;
  • Research institutes of economic development, etc.


   The practical side of the educational process of the Department is provided by productive cooperation with the Financial Department of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, financial departments of municipal and district state administrations, the leading banking institutions of the region, insurance companies, the Transcarpathian Customs, the State Treasury Service, the Pension Fund, financial divisions of enterprises and other entities, real estate and valuation companies.

According to the modern guidelines for education and science development, Ukraine’s integration into the European space, the strategy of development of the Department of Finance and Banking is aimed at achieving the high quality of specialists’ education in accordance with the requirements of the educational and qualification characteristics of bachelor and master in finance, banking and insurance in modern conditions.


 The profession of financier is a winning option for employment, and financial education is a rapid career growth and a prestigious high-paying job.

Acquiring the specific knowledge, that is required in areas of state and corporate finance, banking and insurance, customs business, as well as mastering methods and models for assessing the value of property and property rights, will provide more opportunities for the employment of our graduates.

So, if your goal is to become a financier of higher qualification and you have the abilities of creative personality, who is aimed at the future, the Department of Finance and Banking of the Faculty of Economics UzhNU is waiting for you!

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