Department of Economic Theory

The department was established in 1948 as a university wide department under the name of "Department of Political Economy". On September 24, 1991, the Department of Political Economy was renamed to the Department of Economic Theory and introduced into the structure of the Faculty of Economics. At different times the department was headed by: AssociateProfessor І.В. Perov (1948-1953); AssociateProfessor A.K. Shenevidko (1954-1955); AssociateProfessor V.P. Golovaty (1955-1962); AssociateProfessor A.O. Goncharenko (1962-1973); AssociateProfessor V.M. Vasinyuk (1974-1984); since 1985 it has been headed by AssociateProfessor V.I. Opiari, Professor M.I. Pityulych, and Professor O.S. Peredriy. Currently the head of the department is AssociateProfessor A.S. Molnar.

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The purpose of the Department of Economic Theory: formation of professional competencies and skills in highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of logistics and international commerce, and offering up-to-date, relevant knowledge and changes for the successful usage of acquired information in the future.

Among a wide range of specialties of the Faculty of Economics, the department provides training in "Logistics" and "International Commerce", which involves university lecturers and business representatives.

The specialization "Logistics" gives graduates ample opportunities for employment. Logistician is an interesting and promising profession that requires from a specialist not only local but also global thinking, due to the fact that the scope of his competencies goes far beyond the enterprise, including suppliers, competitors, customs services, outlets.


Graduates of the specialty 051 "Economics" on the educational program "Logistics" can work as:

  • Manager (Managing Director) of Freight Forwarding Activities;
  • Manager (Managing Director) in Wholesale and Retail Trade;
  • Manager (Managing Director) of Administrative Activities;
  • Logistics Manager;
  • Supply and Sales Manager;
  • Commodity Market Research Analyst;
  • Public Procurement Specialist;
  • Pricing Economist;
  • Economic Consultant; 
  • Freight Forwarder;
  • Supply agent.





Graduates of the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities" in the educational program "International Commerce" have knowledge of economic processes and patterns of the world commodity market, they are able to conduct economic diagnostics of enterprises and organizations, analyze and evaluate their entrepreneurial and innovation potential.

After receiving a diploma in the educational program "International Commerce" you can work as:

  • Manager (Managing Director) of Foreign Economic Activity;
  • International Trade Economist;
  • Manager (Managing Director) for Business and Management;
  • Manager (Managing Director) in Wholesale Trade and Mediation in Trade;
  • Consultant on Foreign Economic Issues;
  • Manager (Managing Director) in Other Types of Financial Intermediation;
  • Expert in Foreign Economic Issues;
  • Heads of Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations;
  • Heads of Production Units in Wholesale and Retail Trade;
  • Manager (Managing Director) in Financial Activities;
  • Lecturers of  Universities and Higher Educational Institutions;
  • Dealer (Exchange Trader Working at Their Own Expense) and Broker for Mortgage and Financial Transactions.
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Source: Head of the Department – A.S.Molnar
Last update: 10.11.2020