Quarantine is not an obstacle: students of the Faculty of Economics about their first impressions of studying in Croatia

Quarantine is not an obstacle: students of the Faculty of Economics about their first impressions of studying in Croatia

Students of the Faculty of Economics join the Erasmus+ exchange programme with great pleasure for the fourth consecutive year. They have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of higher education in Italy, Lithuania and Croatia. This difficult year is not an exception, in early March, three students of the Faculty of Economics began studying at Polytechnic in Pozega (Croatia), which has been a host instituton for the students of the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU since 2018. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Croatia also had to introduce confinement measures in the country and our Ukrainian girls have to spend most of the time in their apartments and study remotely. We have talked to them and they have told us about their motivation and the first impressions of the Erasmus+ exchange programme.

Ivetta Horkiy, a 2nd year student, specialty "Finance and Credit":

I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ scholarship competition to gain new knowledge, skills and practice my English, because this is the language of communicaton and study here. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, we are forced to study remotely to protect ourselves and others, but in general, we receive good quality knowledge even online. The peculiarities of distance learning are the following: they send us various materials, tasks and lectures that we have to work on and do independently, if there are some questions, we can ask them on the phone or send a message to our teacher in the messenger which we use for communication. Now we can leave home only in case of emergency. They were plnning to hold several interesting guided tours for us upon our arrival, but due to the quarantine, everything had to be canceled. Before leaving for Croatia, we talked to the students who had already participated in Erasmus+, and everything they told us turned out to be true, in particular, about loyal teachers who are ready to explain everything if you don't understand anything. It's cool that we have the opportunity to improve our English, meet new people, become more independent and acquire new knowledge.

Viktoria Kalynych, a 3rd year student, specialty "Accounting and Taxation":

I decided to join the Erasmus+ exchange programme, first of all, to gain new knowledge, meet interesting people and learn more about the culture and customs of Croatia. Because of the difficult situation caused by COVID-19, we are studying remotely. Teachers send us assignments by email and give us some time to fulfil them. The language of study is English. We are given about 2 weeks to learn one subject, then we take an exam. I can say that my expectations have come true: I have already learned a lot, and our stay here is not over. As for the advantages of studying abroad, I can mention the following: I improved my English, got acquainted with the locals, learned new subjects and became more independent. As for the disadvantages, it is very difficult to stay away from home, I miss my family, friends and university very much. In my opinion, one of the main advantages of UzhNU is the large number of students and a better organized student life.

Anastasia Oliynyk, a 2nd year student, specialty "International Commerce”

I am very pleased to be able to join the Erasmus+ programme because I wanted to try something new, and use the opportunity to improve my English skills. Unfortunately, given the quarantine, we have to study remotely. They send us materials and tasks that we need to accomplish over a certain period of time. Of course, everything is in English. There are many practical tasks that are easy to understand and remember. And if we have some questions, we can easily contact our teacher. I think that our expectations have been fulfilled, because we receive good quality training and our teachers are true professionals. Studying abroad has many advantages: acquiring new knowledge, skills and life experience ... As for the disatvantages, it’s probably the fact that you are away from home and at times you miss your family and friends"