Centre of Innovation and Development

The Department of International Educational and Scientific Cooperation is a coordinating UzhNU subdivision, whose task is to implement a strategy of international activities of the University. The department work is focused on the analytical activity that causes the development, expansion and strengthening of UzhNU international relations and authority in the world community.

There are main tasks of the department:
  • Concluding cooperation agreements  with foreign universities and scientific institutions
  • Implementation coordination and control realization obligations,  arising  from  international agreements, programs and other legal documents
  • Analysing  results and  perspectives of existing   contractual relationships between  UzhNU and partner universities
  • Organizational and general representative functions during reception of foreign experts and delegations
  • Organization and realization international scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars
  • Database creation for international programs of academic mobility, accounting participants of international academic exchange programs, internship and    professional improvement
  • Organizational support for such kind of programs as: parallel learning, double degree, training and work placement practice of student’s coordination
  • Facilitate the search for international scientific and educational grant programs, coordination of university cooperation with foreign granting organizations
  • Facilitate the attraction of structural subdivision and university stuff to participate in international grant programs
  • Assistance in creating project proposals and applications, consulting university staff and students for these issues
  • Account of grant applications  and projects, which  are carried out at the University, their monitoring and control of implementation
  • To inform university subdivisions about international educational organizations, programs, funds, scholarships, grants
  • Organizational programs support of short-term learning students abroad, scholarship programs, students and post graduate students study in summer schools
  • Leisure organization, cultural and sports programs for foreign delegations, students and scientific-pedagogical staff
  • Generalization and reporting on the results of the University international activities.

The conceptual model of UzhNU international activity development is defined the development of international cooperation lead to improve the competitiveness of the university at the market of  educational services, increasing international authority  of the university as highly skilled educational center, providing qualitative education and research activities of UzhNU according to the level  of modern world requirements.

  The basic principles of conceptual model of international activities:
  • to achieve international standards in research and training programs field
  • providing the mobility of students and academic staff involvement into the  international educational process
  • implementation and realization of joint degree programs as  an effective means of improving  UzhNU competitiveness at the market of educational services
  • development of international activities as means of improving the quality of educational activities UzhNU, improving it’s educational role
  • participation in the formulation of goals, objectives and principles of entering the university into  international educational and scientific networks
  • increasing of the  international university authority

Translated by Victoria Vovchok