Department of Entomology and Biodiversity Preservation

The date of birth of the department is 15 September 1946 when the entomologist, a specialist in the field of plant protection, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor S. F. Segedi joined the faculty of biology and estabished the department of zoology of inverterbrate. He was the first head of the department and its leader. Stepan Fedorovych started and determined the entomological educational and scientific direction of the newly formed subdivision of the biological faculty. In May 1956 the department of zoology of inverterbrate was the most numerous at the faculty of biology. The full-time staff included: head of department, associate professor К. К. Fasulati, senior lecturers Т. А. Tveritina, H. M. Roshko, assistants І. М. Lykovych, А. А. Hirits, senior laboratory assistant І. І. Bokotey, senior assistant Е. N. Hashak, assistant V. H. Sofin. In autumn 1956 the department of zoology of inverterbrate was joined to the department of zoology of the spinal. The newly formed department of zoology existed in this form for ten years. However, the educational and scientific direction of zoology of inverterbrate at the faculty of biology was not eliminated, did not lose its face and potential. Despite the formal unity during all these years the department of zoology majored in zoology of inverterbrate. In September 1966 the legal successor the department of zoology of inverterbrate separated from the department of zoology in its old superior quality, but with a new, more appropriate name – department of entomology. Its head was doctor of biological sciences, professor V. F. Paliy who came to Uzhhorod from the city of Frunze, where he was head of laboratory of entomology at the Institute of biology of Kirghiz Academy of Sciences. The department of entomology as one of the first departments at the faculty of botany of Uzhhorod university is well known for its traditions of classical academism in its professional activity. These positive traditions were formed by the following heads of department: S. F. Segedi, V. F. Paliy, К. К. Fasulati, J. М. Pohorilyak, І. І. Bokotey, І. Ya. Ponik. The performers of the educational and scientific tasks of the department were the following lecturing pedagogues: І. І. Zabolotskyi, Т. А. Tveritina, H. М. Roshko, А. А. Hirits, І. М. Lykovych, А. А. Zubenko, Z. L. Anikina, V. О. Dobey, М. F. Mateleshko, Zh.H. Melika, V. Yu. Krochko, І. V. Zahorodnyuk.

In 2006 the department was renamed into the department of entomology and maintaininng biological variety. Now the department includes the following associate professors: V. H. Roshko (head of department), V. О. Chumak, О.Yu. Mateleshko, L. Yu. Symochko, М. І. Demchynska, P. S. Lovas, V. V. Mirutenko and laboratory assistants М. М. Matkovsky, T. Yu. Pidhorodska, М. V. Chumak, Ye. І. Pavlych. The friendly pedagogical staff of the department of entomology and maintaininng biological variety is famous for the proficiency of its staff both in the theoretial and practical spheres of entomology, general biology, general and applied ecology, environmental microbiology, phytopathology.

T. Vrebel