Department of Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation and Viticulture

The department trains specialists in "Agronomy", "Growing fruit, vegetables and vine" for the educational qualification levels of "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master". The department was formed in 1996 at the faculty of biology of Uzhhorod national university to train agronomists for agricultural production in Transcarpathia. It is the youngest at the faculty. It was opened, first of all, due to the lack of an agricultural higher educational establishment in the region, secondly, due to the specific character of soil, climatic and geographical conditions, as well as due to the special traditions in the field of growing plants in Transcarpathia. The far-sighted and perspective policy of the faculty management helped to open a new speciality “Growing fruit, vegetables and vine”. From September 1993 students major in “Growing fruit, vegetables and vine” at the department of physiology of plants and biotechnology, and in 1996 an independent department of agricultural specialization was established – the department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine. Its staff included lecturers from the department of botany with experience in production, scientific sphere and pedagogical work in the field of viticulture, growing fruit and plants: candidates of biological sciences, associate professors P. І. Holinka, V. О. Khodak and N. P. Kurtyn, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor V. А. Zayats. The first head of department was associate professor Pavlo Ivanovych Holinka – a specialist in the field of physiology of vine, one of the leading physiologists of plants in Western Ukraine. The process of organizing and establishing the department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine required enormous effort – from preparing the auditoriums, buying educational and production equipment, agricultural implements, starting research fields to re-orient the lecturers to new research priority tasks. From the very beginning the department was situated in the administrative building of the botanical garden of the university. Lecture rooms were equipped there. Students – agronomists conducted their classes in the greenhouse, hothouse, open-air botanical garden. On the basis of bilateral agreements practical classes and other field practice were soon held on the agricultural lands of state farms “Uzhhorodskyi”, “Velykolazivskyi” and Gorkyi collective farm (now farm “Konyk” in Storozhnytsa).

In 1997 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the reorganization of small departments, the department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine was joined to the department of entomology. The new department was renamed into “Entomology and agronomy” and was headed by associate professor V. H. Roshko. At the same time candidate of biological sciences H. М. Petak joined the department by tender, the director of the botanical garden of Uzhhorod national university D. Yu. Soyma worked on a part-time basis, just like doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the department of land cultivation of Kyiv national agrarian university І. D. Prymak, candidate of economic sciences, head of Transcarpathian regional management of water economy and melioration О. М. Ivanytskyi.

The daily hard work of the department staff is gradually increasing the achievements of the department. Special auditoriums were equipped for mechanization of agriculture, viticulture, growing vegetables. Method guides were written and published in the main disciplines. In 2002 the academic council of Uzhhorod national university divided the department into two new ones – the department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine and the department of enthomology.

The same year associate professor V. А. Zayats successfully defended his doctor’s thesis and was appointed head of department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine. In December 2004 candidate of biological sciences О. І. Popovych was appointed head of department by tender.

The great achievement of the department staff was the first graduation of specialists-agronomists of Uzhhorod university. Out of 20 students that entered the university in 1993 12 got the diploma of higher education in June 1998. By 2012 the department had 15 graduations of specialists and masters.

The department staff provide lecturing in speciality subjects: botany, general agriculture, growing plants, viticulture, fruit and vegetable growing, soil science with the fundamentals of geology, mechanization, electrification and automation of agricultural production, agrochemistry, phytopharmacology, agricultural phytopathology, standardization and quality management of plant growing, production of fodder crops, harvest programming, pomology, ampelography, selection of fruit and vegetable crops, growing vegetables in protected ground, the technology of processing and preserving produce, computer technologies in gardening, growing vegetables and vine, viniculture, biochemistry of fruit, vegetables and vine, applied genetics with fundamentals of cytology, biotechnology, agricultural business and marketing in gardening, growing vegetables, viticulture, melioration, agricultural meteorology, decorative gardening, fundamentals of scientific research in agronomy.

Different kinds of field practice are held on the basis of the state farms “Uzhhorodskyi”, “Velykolazivskyi”, agricultural manufacturing firm “Leanka”, Transcarpathian institute of agricultural production, farms “Konyk”, “Country”, “Tera”, private enterprise “Flora”, botanical garden of Uzhhorod national university with whom cooperation agreements were signed. The department has also signed agreements with the fruit institute in Lednice-na-Morave (the Czech Republic), Slovak agricultural university in Nitra, with the state inspection of plant protection in the Transcarpathian region, state inspection of plant quarantine in the Transcarpathian region, hydrogeological operational station, Transcarpathian territorial centre of plant quarantine of the National academy of agricultural sciences of Ukraine.

A cooperation agreement has been elaborated and is being signed between the department of growing fruit, vegetables and vine of Uzhhorod national universityі and the society of private viticulturists and wine-makers of Transcarpathia. 

In 2004 the department was successfully accredited for the 4th degree in the speciality “Growing fruit, vegetables and vine”. The department staff provides training for students in modern technologies of growing fruit, vegetables and vine on the European level, getting acquainted with world achievements in the field of growing fruit, vegetables, etc.

The department staff actively work on the scientific theme of the department “Increasing the productivity of cultivated plants in Transcarpathia”.

Students write year papers and diploma theses within the framework of the department theme. A student scientific society functions at the department under the title “A specialist in growing fruit and viticulture”, headed by associate professor L. H. Margitai. The best students of the society have the ability to yearly publish the results of their research in the faculty collection of student reserarches.

T. Vrebel