Department of Botany

The department of botany was established on 28 November 1945 at the faculty of biology of the newly opened Uzhhorod university. Its first head was the famous cytoembriologist Kh. Yu. Rudenko. Khoma Yukhymovych was an outstanding leader who headed the department and the faculty, organized the university’s botanical garden, established a cytoembriological school; his first disciple was Vira Yuriyivna Mandryk.

In March 1946 one more department of botanical specialization was formed at the faculty – the department of flowering plants. It was headed by the first doctor of sciences in the staff of Uzhhorod state university, a famous florist, professor P. D. Yaroshenko. At that time the department of botany was renamed into the department of lower plants, and the department of flowering plants into the department of higher plants. In November 1946 both botanical departments were joined into one department of higher plants headed by doctor of biological sciences, professor Kh. Yu. Rudenko. In 1950 the department was renamed into the department of morphology and taxonomy of plants, and in 1968 it received its firsr historical name – department of botany.


In 2010 the department was 65 years old. During this period the department of botany of Uzhhorod national university became a powerful educational and research centre. It had the following famous lecturers and pedagogues of botany: professors P. D. Yaroshenko, Kh. Yu. Rudenko, S. S. Fodor, associate professors Y. М. Cherneki, М. І. Bedey, М. М. Chubirko, О. S. Sydor, senior lecturer D. Т. Arsiriy, assistant М. V. Dubanych. Our department cannot be probably imagined without Vira Yuriyivna Mandryk, Vasyl Ivanovych Komendar, Yuriy Yuriyovych Petrus. They personify a whole epoch of scientific activity and history of the department of botany. These are interesting and unique personalities who devoted their lives to work and science, they imparted their knowledge to thousands of students, communicated their love to botany, priceless experience reflected in articles, monographs and textbooks.

Almost 1500 students majoring in botany graduated from the faculty of botany with a higher educational establishment diploma. 14 graduates became doctors of sciences and over 30 became candidates of biological sciences. The present pedagogical staff of the department of botany is represented by the younger generation of lecturers well known for their creative ambition, high professional qualification. These are candidates of sciences, associate professors О. B. Kolesnyk, V. І. Sabadosh, L. М. Felbaba-Klushyna, І. V. Beseganych, Ya. S. Hasynets, lecturer А. D. Soyma. The staff of the department of botany takes an active part in training students of many faculties of Uzhhorod university in compliance with the curriculum. Biologists are delivered lectures in normative disciplines: "General cytology", "Lower plants", "Anatomy of plants", "Morphology of plants", "Higher plants", "Mycology", "Reserved area study", "Mathematical methods in biology", and special courses for students majoring in "Botany": "Geography of plants", "Embryology of plants", "Fundamentals of system analysis in biology" and a number of others. Students of the faculty of chemistry majoring in ecology are delivered lectures in "Reserved area study" while the students of the faculty of Romance and Germanic philology and the faculty of History study the subject “Fundamentals of ecology”.

The scientific achievements of the department of botany are characterized by a wide spectre of investigated problems. The main direction of research – floristic – was formed yet in 1940s by the founders of the department Kh. Yu. Rudenko and P. D. Yaroshenko. Professor V. І. Komendar together with his colleagues and disciples developed it further. Other directions are also successfully elaborated at the department: phytocenotic, resource study and traditional one started yet by Kh. Yu. Rudenko, as well as cytoembriological. Over the period of six decades a lot of work had been done. The total number of publications of the department staff is over 2000. 20 of them are monographs and reference books testifying to the significant contribution of Uzhhorod botanists to the general achievements of Ukrainian botanical studies.

The department of botany regularly holds scientific conferences. In 2010 there was an international scientific conference devoted to 130th anniversary of Antoniy Margittai: “Two centuries of studying the Carpathian plants”. In September 2012 an international conference of young scientists “Topical problems of botany and ecology” was held with scientists from CIS countries and Europe.

T. Vrebel