Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Biology

Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Biology

Any quarantine will eventually come to an end, and time wil come for each applicant to decide which faculty to enter anyway. Moreover, at home during quarantine, more attention can be paid to setting goals and making plans for the future. That is why we continue our weekly column!

This time we learned why it is worth joining the Faculty of Biology, whose history dates back to 1945, when Uzhhorod National University was founded. We talked to the Dean of the Faculty Yaroslava Hasynets and a third year student Yaroslav Havrish.

So, grab top 5 reasons to join the Faculty of Biology!

Yaroslav Havrish, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Biology:

1. Classrooms and laboratories of the Faculty of Biology of UzhNU are well equipped  which enables students to acquire good practical skills and knowledge.

2. Our teachers always share the most up-to-date knowledge with students, they are very helpful and always ready to give some advice. Together with students, they conduct research in the laboratories and outdoors.

3. It’s important for students of biology to acqiuire practical skills and we can do it at the biological base of the faculty in the village of Kolochava and in other corners of the region. Agronomists can undergo practical training at modern agricultural enterprises and at the newly created training scientific and production center "Derenivka", where the modern vineyard has been planted.

4. Good theoretical and practical training of our students facilitates the possibilities of cross-border exchange. Our students study at the universities abroad. 

5. Students are employed by more than 40 institutions of the region, Ukraine, and other countries. Today, our graduates find jobs in educational, environmental institutions, diagnostic laboratories, agricultural businesses of the region, as well as government  institutions.

 Yaroslava Hasynets, the Dean of the Faculty of Biology:

 1. Biological sciences and related technologies are among the top intensively  developing disciplines, where the attention and resources of most countries are directed. A large share of the high-tech market is focused on the products related to biotechnologies. In this regard, biologists are in demand and well paid.

2. Environmental protection along with the development of science-based technologies constitute two wings of modern civilization development. Therefore, the need for experts in ecosystem protection, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of the environment is constantly increasing, and specialists in the field of biology are staying in demand.

3. The first genomic research in Ukraine has been launched at the Facuty of Biology of UzhNU. It is one of the most promising areas that has already led to numerous revolutionary changes in biology, medicine, and history. The faculty has started a full cycle of whole genome sequencing, collection and annotation of genomes, in particular, we are doing research into the genomic diversity of the population of Ukraine, rare species of plants and animals, and, what is important, we have started training specialists in the field of genomic biology.

 4. UzhNU is located in the region bordering on four EU states, which provides our students with the opportunity to study and undergo internships abroad. Our students and lecturers can implement their scientific research in the framework of numerous cross-border projects under the good-neighbourliness programmes, which operate only in the territory of the region. Our students have the opportunity to study simultaneously at two universities (UzhNU and one of the Eastern European universities) under the double diploma programme.

 5. Transcarpathia is the second in Ukraine after the Crimea in terms of biodiversity of plants, animals and fungi, as well as groups and biotopes. With the highest percentage of protected natural areas, original distinctive culture, it remains one of the most attractive corners for all the lovers of nature and travellers. Therefore, most Ukrainian universities  try to organize tours to the Carpathians for their students of biology and geography. Undergoing field practices or carrying out research on the chosen subject make it possible for our students to combine training and research with vacation and get acquainted with the natural attractions of the region.