TEACHING AND SCIENTIFIC training center of family medicine and first aid

History of creation

In accordance with the order of the Uzhhorod National University dated 23.01.2013 an educational and scientific training center for family medicine and pre-medical care was created (hereinafter - NSTC SMDD) as a part of a clinical research and training laboratory for family medicine.

The purpose of creation

Improving the quality of medical care by involving higher education staff in the reorganization of primary health care (hereinafter - PHC) on the basis of general practice - family medicine (hereinafter - ZPSM), practical training of ZPSM specialists, finding ways to optimize family medicine and evidence-based screening , modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases in the practice of family medicine, according to the principles of evidence-based medicine, as well as research in the field of PHC.

The main task of the Center is the organizational support of continuous training of general practitioners - family doctors and nurses on the provision of primary care based on evidence-based medicine and their participation in the process of reforming the medical field, including PHC.

Structural subdivisions

The following structural subdivisions are formed in the structure of NSTC SMDD:

Typical SM outpatient clinic (1st floor of the FPO, 150 Sobranetska Street), where are:

  • Family doctor's offices;
  • Laboratory, physiotherapy and functional diagnostics office;
  • Women's Health and Minor Surgery Unit; 
  • Observation room;
  • Manipulative;
  • Dental unit.

2. Training and educational unit, which is equipped with:

  • Practical skills training room;
  • Teleconsultation office.

 Scientific and training laboratory of family medicine - a scientific unit on the basis of a typical outpatient clinic of family doctors in the new district of Uzhgorod (161 Kapushanska Street).

Directions of work


"Training of doctors"

Educational and Scientific Training Center for Family Medicine FPO UzhNU provides continuing professional education of family doctors in the form of training in short-term information courses and internships or intermittent thematic improvement courses provided by the Order of the Ministry of Health "On conducting certification of doctors". further improvement of the system of postgraduate training of doctors "," Regulations on postgraduate training of doctors (pharmacists) ".

Development and holding of training seminars within the educational process for interns, cadets of ZPSM is carried out for practical mastering and use of unified wedges. protocols of the Ministry of Health within the framework of lecture-seminar blocks-trainings.

Short-term information courses and internships provide for several hours of training, with a trip to the district centers of PHC, gathering the required number of participants (more than 20 people) with training of doctors on the most relevant topics.

The second form of training is to hold intermittent thematic improvement courses for one day a month for a total of 5 days with the arrival of doctors from the districts for one day a month for thematic improvement. At the end of the training, each participant receives a certificate of intermittent thematic improvement courses. For this purpose, a group of 25-30 doctors from the districts is recruited, who are ready to undergo these trainings one day a month for 5 months in a row.

Trainings in "field conditions" - trainings of medical workers on a workplace

Trainings of family doctor nurses in the workplace in mastering modern laboratory and instrumental methods and mastering of knowledge and skills in the conditions of the scientific-training laboratory of the Center.

"Trainings for the population"

High school students from Uzhhorod schools are taught to save lives, not to get lost in extreme situations on the basis of NSTC SMDD during "Conducting trainings on the basics of resuscitation for high school students in Uzhgorod". Pre-medical training for high school students on the basics of resuscitation was developed with the involvement of teachers of FPO, doctors-interns ZPSM and with the participation of the media. The idea to equip high school students with such medical knowledge is not accidental.

The NSTC SMDD plans to continue such training of schoolchildren and students and the organization of schools for patients of various profiles. Older students are also offered to master the alphabet of first aid.


Employees of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and University Training work as family doctors and doctors of outpatient profile on the basis of KNP "Uzhhorod District Clinical Hospital of Uzhhorod District Council of Zakarpattia Region"

SCIENTIFIC WORK is carried out in the direction of studying the possibilities of evidence-based screening of the most common preventive diseases in PHC. Following the results of the Center's activity, the monograph "Alphabet of Evidence-Based Screening and Prevention in the Practice of a Family Physician", a number of scientific articles and methodological recommendations, in particular, an information sheet "6 steps of statin therapy in the practice of SL". On the basis of the research and training laboratory, a number of the latest methods of screening diagnostics (mini express laboratory, ultrasound densitometry) have been tested and implemented in the practice of PHC facilities in the city. Interns of the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine are actively involved in the scientific activities of the Center.

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