Department of Neurorehabilitation with courses of medical psychology, pulmonology and phthisiology

The Department of Neurorehabilitation with courses in medical psychology, pulmonology and tuberculosis was established in 2016 by transferring courses in neurology, psychiatry and medical psychology from the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine to the Department of Pulmonology, Tuberculosis and Physiotherapy. The previous reorganization of the department was carried out in 2013 by merging the Department of Physiotherapy, Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology with the Department of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis with courses in infectious diseases and dermatovenereology.

The department contains seven main courses: "neurology", "neurosurgery", "psychiatry", "pulmonology and tuberculosis", "infectious diseases", "dermatovenereology", "physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation and balneology".

Complex topic of the department: "Features of clinical and pathogenetic mechanisms of recovery of nervous system function after traumatic, infectious and vascular lesions on the background of diseases of other systems." In addition, the directions of research on educational-methodical, research, organizational-methodical and educational work on the topic "Rehabilitative treatment of patients with diseases of internal organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and rehabilitation of pregnant women" were developed.

The work of the department is aimed at postgraduate training: interns, thematic improvement of neurologists, psychiatrists, pulmonologists, phthisiologists, infectious disease specialists, dermatovenereologists, physiotherapists and physiotherapists and sports medicine, as well as these specializations.

The department works on the basis of KNP "Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital. A.Novaka ”ZOR, KNP“ Regional Clinical Center of Neurosurgery and Neurology ”ZOR, KNP“ Zakarpattia Regional Medical Center of Mental Health and Addiction Medicine ”ZOR, KNP“ Central City Clinical Hospital ”UMR, KNP“ Regional Clinical Phthisiopulmonary Diagnostic Medical center »ZOR, KNP "Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital" ZOR, KNP "Regional Medical Clinical Dermatological and Venereological Center" ZOR, DUNPMC "Rehabilitation" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, KNP "Center of Sports Medicine, Sanology and Physical Rehabilitation" ZOR and Clinical Sanatorium "Karpaty". Employees of the department take an active part in scientific and practical conferences, scientific societies and monthly seminars with practitioners.

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