Department of Therapy and Family Practice

The head of the Department of Therapy and Family Practice at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training of Uzhhorod National University is Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Chubirko Ksenia Ivanivna. The following teachers staff of the department: Professor Chopey I. V., Associate Professor Korabelshchikova M.O., Associate Professor Ilko A.V., Associate Professor Rudakova S.O., Associate Professor Rubtsova E.I., Associate Professor Feysa S.V., Associate Professor Ivanyo N.V., associate professor Rosul M.M., associate professor Bratasyuk A.M., associate professor Mikhalko Ya.O., senior teacher Gechko M.M., assistant Debreceni K.O., assistant Ivachevska V.V., assistant Varvarynets A.V., assistant Gryadil T.I., assistant Gnepa Ya. Yu., assistant Koval T.Yu., assistant Kurakh A.V.

Pedagogical and medical processes at the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine are carried out on the basis of: Uzhgorod Regional Clinical Hospital (850 beds): Rheumatology Department: Assoc. Turyanytsia SR (Head of Department); Uzhhorod Central City Clinical Hospital (780 beds): Cardiology Department, Cardiac Resuscitation Department: Assoc. Korabelshchikova MO, docent Rosul M.M., city polyclinic №1: docent Ivanyo NV; KNP "Uzhhorod District Clinical Hospital of Uzhhorod District Council of Zakarpattia Region" (280 beds): therapeutic department: prof. Chopey I V., docent Chubirko KI, Assoc. Rubtsova EI, docent Bratasyuk AM, docent Mikhalko Ya.O., senior teacher Gechko MM, assistant. Debrecen KO, as. Ivachevska VV, assistant Varvarynets AV, assistant Gryadil TI, assistant Gnepa Ya. Yu., Assistant Koval T.Yu., assistant Kurakh AV; Hospitals with a polyclinic SMZ GUMVD in the Transcarpathian region: Assoc. Ilko AV, Assoc. Face S.W .; Republican Pulmonology Center (100 beds), which is the clinical base of the NGO "Rehabilitation": Assoc. Rudakova SO is a consultant to the association; family medicine outpatient clinic: as. Gechko H. A.

These first three hospitals are multidisciplinary, which allows the training of interns and cadets to use the bed stock of adjacent departments (general and narrow surgical, neurological, resuscitation, etc.). At the same time, the appropriate offices of the polyclinics of these hospitals are also used for the training of interns. The bases of internships for students of the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine are also all district hospitals, outpatient clinics ZPSM and a number of private medical institutions in the region.

Along with these bases, when interns - family members of the correspondence part of the internship, namely its outpatient part, have a number of the best outpatient clinics of general practice - family medicine districts.

 Distance and combined forms of education have been introduced at the department, for which UzhNU has received several state awards, including a silver medal in the category "Postgraduate Education - a step into the future" and the Grand Prix of the international exhibition in the category "Innovation in Postgraduate Education".

In the educational process of the department multimedia electronic means are used - a full methodical set of text, graphic, audio and video information on many topics for lectures and conferences. Programs for the current training of interns and cadets are widely implemented in the educational process. The availability of high-speed Internet connection helps to ensure more effective preparation of teachers for lectures, as well as to improve the knowledge of students, interns and cadets.

All documentation at the department complies with the orders and regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The educational process is carried out according to the standard programs of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

 Over the past 3 years, the staff of the department has published more than 100 scientific papers, including 15 textbooks, textbooks.

Candidate's dissertations were defended at the department: associate professor Ilko A.V., associate professor Rubtsova E.I., associate professor Feisa S.V., associate professor Goidash I.M., associate professor Chubirko K.I., assistant professor. Albok E.Y., associate professor Mygovych I.I., associate professor Mykhalko Ya.O., assistant. Ternushchak T.M., associate professor Bratasyuk A.M.

International cooperation of the department for many years is carried out in several areas:

- scientific cooperation within the framework of interuniversity agreements;

- participation in international conferences, seminars, etc .;

- internship, scientific work of teachers, scientists of the department abroad and internship, scientific work of foreigners at the department;

- International recognition of teachers, scientists, students of the department.

The department has creative relations with foreign higher educational institutions and scientific organizations and currently cooperates with partner universities:

- University of Krakow (Jagiellonian) (Poland)

- University of Budapest (Hungary)

- University named after P.J. Safarika (Slovakia)

- University of Magdeburg (Germany)

- Italian Association of Alternative Medicine

Over the past 5 years, 12 employees of the department have attended conferences and educational events in 46 cities in 15 countries in Europe and North America.

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