Department of Ancient and Medieval History

Within the framework of the Historical faculty the Ancient and Medieval History Department emerged on February 15, 1988 according to the resolution of the University Academic Council and the respective decree of the then rector Volodymyr Lendel (1934 -2000). The same year on the 24th of February the department teaching and research staff was approved, yet the department started functioning under a different name – the Department of Ancient and Medieval History and Historiography.

The first head of the department was professor Hryhoriy Pavlenko (1927-2000). In 1993 the department changed its name and has been known as the Ancient and Medieval History Department ever since. Originally the department was headed by the authoritative scientist and archeologist, professor Eduard Balahuri who held the chair till 2001.

In January, 2004 Eduard Balahuri passed away. The faculty members will ever remember his valuable professional advice and good humour. Today his disciples professor V.G. Kotyhoroshko and associate professor Ya.A. Aleshkevych are carrying on the life’s work of their teacher.

During the period from 2001 to 2004 the Department was headed by doctor of Philosophy, professor Mykhailo Tyvodar, a scientist-ethnologist who is well-known in the professional Slavic studies circles. At present the post is occupied by candidate of sciences, associate professor Ihor Likhtey.

Among those who have been working at the Department since its establishment are professors Mukola Arsentiev, Oleh Mazurok, Ivan Pop, Iakiv Shternberg; associate professors Tomash Sopko, Vasyl Zilgalov, Galyna Igolnikova; senior lecturers Oleh Slipetskiy, Serhiy Morozenko, Iolana Cherkun; lecturers Serhiy Vysvarko, Ivan Miskov, Pavlo Lenyo, Vasyl Kotsan; department office senior assistant Anna Pechora.

At present the department faculty and staff consists of 10 persons: professors Mykhailo Tyvodar, Viacheslav Kotyhoroshko, associate professors Pavlo Bilak, Nadiya Keretsman, Igor Likhtey, Yaroslav Aleshkevych, Ihor Prokhnenko, Yana Tovtyn and assistant personnel – department office senior assistant Vasyl Ponzel and office assistant Maryna Rego.

It should be noted out that the Ancient and Medieval History Department provides the tuition of some disciplines at the Philological Faculty as well as at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The accomplishments of the Ancient and Medieval History Department are marked by a high level of academic and teaching proficiency. The faculty have contributed substantially to supplying the department with specialized literature, manuals and methodological guidelines, obligatory and selective courses curricula. It also should be mentioned that professor Mykhailo Tyvodar has credited the department with his manual “Ethnology” recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for university students specializing in history. The manual has been edited three times already (Uzhhorod, 1998; Lviv, 2004; Uzhhorod, 2010); professor Viacheslav Kotyhoroshko has produced the manual “The Upper Tisza River Basin in the context of Ancient History of Carpathian-Danubean area” (Uzhhorod, 2003); associate professor Ihor Likhtey is known for the authorship of two textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the 7th form school pupils (Kyiv, 2007) and “World History” for the 8th form school pupils (Kyiv, 2008) as well as his manual “The Tropic and South Africa History of the Middle Ages ” (Uzhhorod, 2011).

A specific merit to the department activity is the opportunity for students to gain hands-on archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork experience every year. Practice-based teaching of archeology and ethnography on field trips leaves unforgettable impressions on romantic students of history. The archeological practice is guided by the famous scientist, the director of the Carpathian Region Studies research Institute professor Viacheslav Kotyhoroshko together with his follower Ihor Prokhnenko, while the ethnographic practice is lead by professor Mykhailo Tyvodar.

The teaching academic staff of the department are engaged in the development of the complex research project running under the title “The Milestones in the History of Central and South-Eastern European countries” (guided by professor M.P.Tyvodar). On the initiative of the department head Ihor Likhtey the symposium “Historical Studies: the issues of Ancient and Medieval History and Ethnology” came into existence in 2007 (there have been 4 issues edited by now). The teaching academic staff have also contributed greatly to the compilation of such fundamental works on the history of our land as “Ancient history of the Upper Tisza River basin” (professor V.H.Kotyhoroshko), “Sketches on the history of Transcarpathia” in 2 volumes (professor E.A.Balahuri, associate professor N.P.Keretsman and associate professor I.M.Likhtey), “Uzhhorod History” (professor E.A.Balahuri and M.P.Tyvodar), volume 1 of “Mukachevo History” (professor E.A.Balahuri) and others. In addition the members of the Department have prepared a series of academic papers among which there are such conspicuous works as monographs by professor E.A. Balahuri (“The population of the Upper Tisza River basin in the Bronze Age”), professor M.P. Tyvodar (“Traditional cattle breeding in the Ukrainian Carpathians in the late 19th - early 20th century”, “Transcarpathia: Ethnographic Contemplations”, “The Personal Life and Research Work of Fedir Potushniak”), professor V.H. Kotyhoroshko (“The Thracian people of the Upper Tisza River basin in the 3th century BC – the 4th century AD”), “ The Upper Tisza River population in the 3d century BC – the 4th century AD”, “The Upper Tisza River basin in ancient times : 1000000 years ago to the10th century AD”), associate professor I.M. Likhtey (“The period between the reign of the Shtaufens and the Welfs: the Check monarchy consolidation on the world political arena under Prscemysl Otakar I (1197- 1230)”), associate professor Y.I. Tovtyn (“The socio-political state of the Slovakian lands under the Habsburgs’ reign”(1526 -1610), postgraduate student O.Y. Kychak (“The Ukrainian labour force migration in Transcarpathia in the early 21st century and its domestic culture effects”) and others.

In 2010 the Department of Ancient and Medieval History along with the department of Modern and Contemporary History and Historiography initiated the foundation of Bohemian and Slovak Studies Centre at the History Department. The Centre activity is coordinated by associate professor I.M. Likhtey on behalf of the Ancient and Medieval History Department and by associate professor I.O. Shnitser on behalf of the Modern and Contemporary History Department. Since 2011 the Center has been releasing “The Bohemian and Slovak Studies Periodical”, the person in charge for its compilation being Ihor Likhtey. The Department boasts two issues of the above-mentioned edition.

The Ancient and Medieval History Department has also hosted a score of academic conferences.

In 2001 the History Faculty altogether and the Ancient and Medieval History Department in particular celebrated the 70th anniversary of Eduard Balahuri’s birth. To honour the prominent scientist-archeologist there was published the 13th issue of the jubilee symposium “Carpatica -Карпатика” (Uzhhorod, 2004) and the 6th issue of “The Scientific Bulletin of Uzhhorod national university. History Series” (Uzhhorod, 2002). The collected works “The ancient history of the Carpathian Danube basin and adjacent areas” edited as the 31st issue of the “Carpatica- Карпатика” series (Uzhhorod, 2004) was also dedicated to the blessed memory of E.A.Balahuri

In 2002 the Ancient and medieval History Department together with the whole academic teaching staff of the Faculty of History of Uzhhorod national university celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Medieval History expert T.M. Sopko (1927 -1991). On that particular occasion the academic conference entitled “The Carpathians of Ukraine in the Middle Ages” was conducted at the Faculty on March 22- 23, 2002. The event attracted eminent scientists from congruous institutions such as Uzhhorod national university, the TranscarpathianMuseum of regional Ethnography, the Museum of Local Architecture and Folk Lore and many leading educationalists of the land. The conference materials were published in the 32th issue of the symposium “Carpatica-Карпатика” (Uzhhorod,2005) to commemorate T.M.Sopko

Another two conferences were dedicated to the jubilee of the prominent Ukrainian writer and scientist Fedir Potushniak ( 1919 -1960) who worked at the General History Department of Uzhhorod national university from 1946 till 1960 and was the founder of the University archeological and ethnographic researches. In 2000 on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the scientist’s birth there was held an academic conference organized by professor M.P. Tyvodar who also monitored compiling the conference scholarly essays and editing them as the 9th issue of the series “Carpatica-Карпатика” (Uzhhorod, 2001).

In April, 2010 the department joined in the organization of the international academic conference “The scientific and artistic genius of Fedir Potushniak” to mark the centenary of our celebrated compatriot’s birth. The conference brought together not only Ukrainian scholars but also another 12 participants from abroad, in particular from such countries as Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. To consummate the conference proceedings there was published a symposium (collection of scholarly essays). Presently the department staff are concerned with the creation of a lecture hall in honour of Fedir Potushniak.

In May, 2013 the department initiated Uzhhorod bohemian academic readings jointly with the Centre of Bohemian and Slovak Studies and Central Europe Institute affiliated to Uzhhorod national university. Here the academic staff of the department – associate professor Ihor Likhtey, associate professor Nadiya Keretsman, associate professor Yana Tovtyn, associate professor Ihor Prokhnenko and the postgraduate student Yaroslav Andrusiak, to name but a few, presented their research findings.

The Department collaborates closely with the Institute of Archaelogy, the NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv), M.T.Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology, Lviv Institute of Ethnology, the NAS of Ukraine, IvanFrankoNationalUniversity (Lviv), SatuMareMuseum (Romania), Prešov Institute of Historical Research and the academic establishments of Poland. Thus in 2009- 2010 the postgraduate student from the Philosophy and Social Studies Institute of NAS of Poland (Warsaw) Ignatsiy Yuzviak took his academic practice at the given department. From the autumn of 2010 till the spring of 2011 Tomash Kosiek, a postgraduate student of Adam Mitskevych Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, the NAS of Poland (Poznan) did his research under the department guidance.

The department offers postgraduate courses to those seeking the candidate’s degree in the respective study. Iolana Cherkun, Viktor Petrinko, Ihor Prokhnenko, Yaroslav Aleshkevych, Oleksandr Malets, Mykhailo Zan, Petro Ferents, Ivan Miskov, Yana Tovtyn and others have successfully completed their postgraduate study and defended their PhD dissertations. At present there are two postgraduate students at the department – Oksana Kuchak (academic advisor professor M.P.Tyvodar) and Yaroslav Andrusiak (academic advisor associate professor I.M. Likhtey). The department also provides professional tutorials to affiliated research fellows seeking the candidate’s degree in History.

The Department is noted for its prolific academic staff who inspire hopes for further academic progress and general faculty prosperity.   

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