Department of the History of Ukraine

The establishment of the university including the faculty of history in Uzhhorod on July 19, 1945 is one of the most remarkable events in Transcarpathian history. However, the past of Ukraine was studied as part of the history of the USSR for a long time. Then Mykhailo Troyan, professor at the department of the history of the USSR, succeeded in his efforts to establish the department of historiography and source criticism offering a course on the history of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (the decree of the Ministry of higher and secondary vocational education of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of May 14, 1976).

On June 5, 1981 the department of the history of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was established comprising 6 faculty members in the 1981-1982 academic year: professors Mykhailo Troyan and Yakiv Shternberg and associate professors Vasyl Palyok, Mykhailo Tyvodar, Vasyl Melnyk, and Dmytro Danylyuk.

On May 19, 1987 Professor Mykhailo Troyan rested in peace. On February 10, 1988 his department was restructured, which resulted in the establishment of the department of the history of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR (with professor Vasyl Ilko as its head).

Present-day department of the history of Ukraine was initiated by Rector Prof. Volodymyr Slyvka in September 1990. It was headed by Professor Volodymyr Zadorozhnyi. In a year’s time the department became university-wide since it offered the course “History of Ukraine” for all faculties. In the 1994-1995 academic year the department comprised 11 research and teaching academic staff: professors Volodymyr Zadorozhnyi and Dmytro Danylyuk, associate professors Vasyl Palyok, Vasyl Melnyk, Ivan Chavarha, Vasyl Delehan, Serhiy Fedaka and Mykola Vehesh, senior lecturer Volodymyr Kovalenko, lecturers Volodymyr Fenych and Roman Ofitsynskyi.

Between 2001 and 2012 the department was headed by Professor Dmytro Danylyuk. Since July 2012 it has been headed by Professor Roman Ofitsynskyi.

Today the faculty comprises 5 professors, 10 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 2 department office assistants.

The department offers postgraduate (junior doctorate) programs (since 1991) and higher doctorate programs (since 1997, further resumed in 2013).

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