Department of New and Modern History and Historiography

The department was established in 1946 being one of the first departments of UzhhorodNationalUniversity. The Department of General History received its name to reflect that it combined all the standard and special courses of the history of foreign countries. The first head of the department was Candidate of Sciences (PhD in History) I. G. Kolomiyets. In 1951 -- 1956 the head of the department was a renowned scientist Candidate of Sciences (PhD in History), associate professor M.M. Lelekach and in 1956 -- 1961 this position was held by associate professor G. V. Marchenko. Over 30 years (1962 – 1993) the department was headed first by the Candidate of Sciences, and since 1967 by the Doctor of Sciences (Historical Science), professor I. M. Hranchak.

In 1998 due to the reorganisation of the Faculty of History the Department of General History was subdivided into two parts: the Department of Ancient and Mediaeval History and the Department of Modern and Contemporary History. In 1993 in the department curriculum special historical disciplines and courses on historiography and source criticism were included. In this regard the department has received its present name of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History and Historiography. It was headed by the Doctor of Sciences (History), a renowned expert of the modern history of Germany, Professor H. V. Pavlenko who held this position until his death in 2001.

The department provides lecturing on a wide range of standard courses of  Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America, Asia and Africa, History of Russia of the XVIII-XX centuries, Historiography, Source Criticism, Methodology of history, special historical disciplines, History of Slavs, History and Culture of Hungary, History of Slovakia, Introduction to Speciality, History of International Relations in Modern and Contemporary times, Historical Geography, Historical Demography and others.

The scientific work of post-graduate students and adjuncts is supervised by the most proficient and experienced members of the department – Professor O. S. Mazurok and Professor I. O. Mandryk. The leading scholars take an active part in the work of the Specialized Academic Board and act as reviewers and experts on scientific issues in our country and abroad.

 Besides the fact that the academic teaching staff provides educational process at the History Faculty at the high level, it takes an active part in scientific work of the faculty. The key problems of Austro-Hungarian history of dualism age and the history of Transcarpathia of the same period are investigated by Professor I. O. Mandryk. The problems of Russian history and the evolution of ethnic relations in the former Soviet Union have drawn attention of the associate professor V. B. Surnin. Associate professor I. O. Shnitser researches some aspects of interwar Slovakia development. Senior lecturer S. O. Hanus studies the problems of German historiography of the XVIII-XX centuries. In his dissertation thesis associate professor S. M. Voloshchuk investigated the value of the Eastern-European vector in political and military activities of NATO (1990-2005). Lecturer Y. I. Isac deals with the problems of studying of modern history of Ukraine (mid-XIX – early XX century).

History, historiography and source criticism aspects of the history of Western Ukraine, including the scientific heritage of outstanding figures of Transcarpathia of XIX – early XX century, are investigated in the research papers of Professor O. S. Mazurok. Senior lecturer O. S. Slipetskyy studies the history of German colonization in Ukraine. Associate professor M. V. Olashyn focuses on the historiographical problems of agrarian history of Western Ukraine

The academic teaching staff of the department has issued many works on the history and historiography of neighbouring and remote foreign countries. The problems of the history of Hungary occupy a significant place in these scientific achievements. T.M. Sopko, Y. I. Shternberh, I.  H. Povhan, V. I. Olah, L. A. Kovalenko, I.M.Hranchak, V. I. Hudanych, I. A. Mandryk and others greatly contributed into the elaboration of Hungarology. Professor H. V. Pavlenko studied German history, Professor H. V. Marchenko researched Romanian history, Professors I. I. Pop, I.I.Vovkanych and lecturer T. S. Serhiyenko focused on the historical issues of Czech Republic and Slovakia. Professor L. V. Taran dealt with the history of France, associate professor V. S. Polyak investigated Poland and associate professor V. P. Skoblyk studied the history of England.

Several graduates of the department working outside the university have become recognized experts in the field of history, Doctors of Historical Science. Hungarologists A. I. Pushkásh and B. I. Zhelitski worked as leading researchers at the Institute of Slavic Studies (Moscow). The department of World History and International Relations of the Institute of History of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences is headed by the graduate of the department, Doctor of Historical Science, Professor S. V. Vidnians'kyi who always cooperates with the History Faculty. The faculty of our department maintain mutually beneficial relationships with historians of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv and other educational and research centres of our country, as well as Hungary, the CzechRepublic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Germany, USA, Serbia and other countries.

At present the faculty of the department consists of 10 faculty members, including two Doctors of Historical Sciences, Professors, five Candidates of Historical Sciences, Associate Professors, two senior lecturers and one lecturer. All of them are the graduates of our university.

Since 2001 the staff of the department has been headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor I. O. Mandryk.

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