Faculty of International Relations

Among the subjects included in the curriculum of Bachelor programs there are such subjects as:
  1. International Relations Theory
  2. International Relations and Global Politics
  3. Foreign Policy of Ukraine
  4. Country Studies
  5. Public International Law
  6. International Private Law
  7. Comparative Constitutional Law
  8. Informational and Analytical Activity in International Relations
  9. International Information
  10. Conflict and Negotiation Theory
  11. Foreign Language for Special Purposes
  12. Foreign Language
  13. Theory and Practice of Translation
  14. Second Foreign Language
  15. Diplomatic and Consular Service
  16. Good Governance and Culture of Peace
  17. Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette
  18. Economic History
  19. Economy of Ukraine and Foreign Economic Relations
  20. Microeconomics
  21. Macroeconomics
  22. International Economics
  23. Theory of Money and Currency
  24. Theory of Statistics
  25. Finance
  26. Business Economics
  27. Econometrics
  28. Principles of Management and Marketing
  29. History of Political and Economic Thought
  30. Recording and Analysis of Foreign Trade
  31. International Economic Relations
  32. International Monetary Relations
  33. Taxes and Systems of Taxation
  34. Credit and Banking
  35. Economic Modeling of Global Processes
  36. Financial Mathematics
  37. Logistics. Audit Fundamentals
  38. Economic Analysis
  39. Global Finance
  40. Economics of European Integration
  41. Foreign Trade Regulation in EU
  42. Financial Policy in Europe
  43. Calculations and Payments in Foreign Trade of European Countries
  44. Conjuncture of Commodity Markets, etc.
Among the subjects included in the curriculum of Master programs there are such subjects as:
  1. Global Macroeconomic Policy
  2. International Economic Law
  3. Transitional Economies
  4. Global Financial Environment
  5. Translation Practice
  6. Teaching in Higher Education
  7. Principles of Corporate Governance
  8. Foreign Policy of Ukraine
  9. Economic Globalization
  10. Intellectual Property Rights
  11. Law of the European Union
  12. Higher Education of Ukraine and the Bologna Process
  13. Methodology of Economics
  14. International Investment Law

Translated by O.Polishchuk