Faculty of International Economic Relations

Graduates of the Faculty get the following qualifications:

  • "International Economist,  Interpreter".

The graduates of the Faculty get the diploma on two specialities “International Economist” and “Interpreter”.

Students acquire deep fundamental knowledge in the field of international relations and foreign policy, international economic relations and international law, scientific research skills and practical work in the field of foreign economic cooperation, deeply learn several foreign languages. The graduates of the Faculty can continue their study abroad (within the framework of the international programs) and get a prestigious job. Among our graduates there are diplomats, government employees, leading regional economists, entrepreneurs, bankers, logisticians, marketing specialists, accountants, interpreters, university teachers, etc.

  • The scope of activities of the specialists in “Philology (Applied Linguistics)” will be the following: a linguist-interpreter; an interpreter-consultant; a teacher of different forms of ownership; a teacher of the foreign languages (English, German, French).

Lines of activities: foreign language communication supplying in different branches of national economy; translating of business, social and political, scientific and technical texts from foreign and native languages; public relations in management organizations, commercial and advertising agencies; computer information processing, foreign language communication in private business, cooperating with foreign organizations, enterprises and companies; carrying-out of academic and research work related to the profession; foreign language teaching at the secondary schools (for the specialist) and higher education institutions (for masters).


Translated by O.Polishchuk