Faculty of International Relations


The Faculty of International Relations is one of the most prestigious faculties at Uzhhorod National University and trains the specialists that are in demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

The Faculty of International Relations dates back to 1998, when the branch of the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University was opened as a response to the region’s need of highly skilled professionals.

The young faculty owed its creation to its first dean, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Honorary Master of the IIR of Kyiv TSNU, advisor of the Verkhovna Rada Vainahii Ivan Ivanovych.

Since May 2005 the Faculty has been headed by Professor Mykola Mykhailovych Palinchak, PhD in Political Science.

The Faculty trains the following specialists:

 in the direction 6.030203 “International Economic Relations” (bachelor, 4 years of study). Competitive subjects are the Ukrainian language (25%), Mathematics (40%), Foreign language (25%) + 10% average grade of the school leaving certificate.

in the speciality 7(8).03020301 “International Economic Relations” (specialist/master, 1 year of study).

The training is conducted for full-time students and the students of correspondence course.

New specialities are provided in 2015:

6.030204  “International Information” (competitive subjects are the Ukrainian language (25%), History of Ukraine (40%), Foreign language (25%) +  average grade of the school leaving certificate);

6.030503 “International Economics” (competitive subjects are the Ukrainian language (25%), Geography (25%), Mathematics (40%) +  average grade of the school leaving certificate);

The graduates of the Faculty get the international diploma on two specialities “International Economist” and “Interpreter”.

The peculiarity of the Faculty is the fact that the students get advanced training in English, German and French (as basic language) and master the second foreign language to their choose since the second year of study.

The students of the International Relations Faculty have a unique possibility to take study courses abroad, be involved in the student training programs, visit many countries within the frames of various international programs (in particular, the USA, Germany, Canada, the UK, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Poland, and Romania). They also undergo practical training and get positions in state structures (e.g., in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Zakarpattia regional state administration, Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and joint ventures (Jabil Circuit Ukraine LLC, Yazaki, Flextronics International Ltd., Eurocar).

While studying at the Faculty the students gain a deep fundamental knowledge attending lectures of not only highly skilled specialists of UzNU but also of the professors from the leading universities of the world invited by the university administration as well as the the diplomatic corps members (in particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, and Consul-General of  Finland, Consul-General of Hungary and Consul-General of the Slovak Republic) and practitioners (government employees, bankers, entrepreneurs).

The graduates of the Faculty can continue their study abroad (within the framework of the international programs) and get a prestigious job. Among our graduates there are diplomats, government employees, leading regional economists, entrepreneurs, bankers, logisticians, marketing specialists, accountants, interpreters, university teachers, etc.

The students take an active part in scientific conferences and seminars, contests and competitions, as well as have their scientific publications in specialized journals, Ukrainian and international conference proceedings.

In addition, students of the Faculty of International Relations participate in the celebration of "Days of Europe in Ukraine”; in university, nationwide and international conferences; represent the Faculty in sport competitions, participate in Club of the Funny and Inventive, in celebration of the “Freshmen Day”, “Day of International Relations Student”, “Day of Interpreter”.

The Faculty has the foreign students from Russia, Hungary, Germany, the Slovak Republic, Romania, Georgia, India, and Kyrgyzstan.