Faculty of International Economic Relations

The Faculty of International Economic Relations is one of the most prestigious faculties of Uzhhorod National University and its graduates become highly qualified specialists not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

At our Faculty the students receive fundamental training in the field of international economic relations and international law, international relations and foreign policy, diplomacy, gain research skills and practical work experience in foreign economic cooperation, as well as master several foreign languages.

The students are involved in active and interesting student life: participation in student scientific and practical conference (twice a year), together with the teaching staff  they prepare articles for publication in professional journals, take part in international internship programs, conferences, summer educational programs, national scientific competitions, etc.

The department staff cooperates with the students in various thematic events, such as "Days of Europe", Roundtable Discussions on interesting and relevant topics ("Innovative Marketing Technologies on the example of the World's Leading Companies"), Imitation Classes ("Open meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", Political Debates on current topics of European integration), etc.

The staff of two departments (Theory and Practice of Translation and Applied Linguistics) initiate various educational and extracurricular activities conducted in foreign languages, including the development of group projects ("The role of advertising in modern business", "Modern English: its variants and features"), wallpapers creation as well as annual celebrations of                                        "International Translation Day", "Linguist's Week", celebration of cultural events with competitions and quests.

The students communicate with foreign guests (ambassadors, consuls general of foreign countries, professors from foreign partner universities) on current economic and political topics. Young people go on interesting professional excursions and gain relevant knowledge and skills as well as practical experience at the leading enterprises of the region.

The Faculty of International Economic Relations actively cooperates with universities in other countries, namely with the University of Georgia (USA), the University of Bratislava (Slovakia), the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest (Hungary), Matthias Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary). Also the Faculty collaborates with the University of Oradea (Romania), the Polonian Academy in Czestochowa (Poland), the Institute of Ethnic and National Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the University of Presov and the Trnava University of St. Cyril and Methodius (Slovakia), Oregon State University (USA) and other educational establishments.

Training takes place in bright study rooms, equipped with innovative multimedia technologies. The Faculty has specialized thematic rooms of Ukrainian-Hungarian, Ukrainian-Romanian, Ukrainian-Slovak and Ukrainian-Czech friendship. Those students who come from remote areas are provided with student hostels for the period of study.