Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations was founded at the Faculty of International Relations in August, 2006.

Head of the department – Palinchak Mykola Mykhailovych, Candidate of History (PhD), Professor, Dean of the International Relations Faculty; holds the office of Associate Professor at the Department of Constitutional Law and Comparative Jurisprudence at the Law Faculty, UzhNU.

The Department of International Relations provides lecturing on the subjects in the field of jurisprudence , world politics, international relations theory, theory and practice of negotiating, consular service.

The Department initiates and organizes various educational imitation games which have already become a visiting card of the Faculty of International Relations: annual Negotiations under Harvard Method, debates after Karl Popper, translation battles, modelling of Security Council conferences.

It should be mentioned that embodying both theorists and practical workers the department has great teaching potential, in particular:
  1. Professor Palinchak Mykola Mykhailovych – dean of the Faculty of International Relations, a lawyer, member of the Ukrainian journalists union, head of the Transcarpathian regional organization of Ukrainian association of specialists in religion. Worked on probation in universities and research institutes of the USA, Canada, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic. The subject provided: International Public Law.
  2. Professor Lemak Vasyl Vasylovych – A. M. of the Academy of Pedagogic Sciences of Ukraine. He participated in drawing up a series of draft laws of Ukraine, in particular “On Political Parties”, “On restauration and preservation of Ukrainian national monuments”; was a member of National Constitutional Council established by president of Ukraine. The subject provided: The Theory of State and Law. 
  3. Professor Panov Alen Volodymyrovych – head of Transcarpathian centre of the Union of Ukrainian Diplomats; 2006 – 2010 – a consul of Consulate-General of Ukraine in Niredhaza (Hungary); 1999 – 2006 – the Representative of Ukraine in Carpathian euroregion. The subject provided: Diplomatic and Consular Service
  4. Associate Professor Bilak Pavlo Pavlovych – the only Candidate of Politics (PhD) in the region in speciality 23. 00. 04. – Political problems of international systems and global development . He completed the program “Taiwan Studies” in Chzhenchzhi National University (Taiwan). The subjects provided:  The Theory of International Relations,  International Relations and World Policy.
  5. Associate Professor Striapko Antonina Dmytrivna – Candidate of Politics (PhD) – speciality 23. 00. 02. Worked on probation in German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) and in Karl University (Prague, Czech Republic).  The subjects provided:  The History of Economic and Political Studies, Conflict Studies and the Theory of Negotiations, the EU Migrant Policy, Foreign Policy of Ukraine, Political Studies.
  6. Associate Professor Halda Pavlo Pavlovych – Candidate of History (PhD). The subjects provided: Country Studies, Religious Factor in International Relations, Culture Studies.
  7. Kazakova Liudmyla Oleksandrivna – a senior lecturer at the Department of International Relations; worked on probation in the USA and Hungary. The subjects provided:  International Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Investment Law.
  8. Savka Vitalii Yanovych   a lecturer at the Department of International Relations. The subjects provided: International Information, International Organizations.
  9. Bokoch Viktoriia Mykhailivna – a lecturer at the Department of International Relations. The subjects provided:  Democratic Governing and Peace Culture, The Introduction to “International Relations”. 
  10. Nikohosian Tatevik Andranikivna – a lecturer at the Department of International Relations. The subject provided: Economic Policy. 
  11. Leshanych Myroslav Mykhailovych – assistant at the Department of International Relations.
  12. Turianska  Khrystyna Borysivna – laboratory assistant at the Department of International Relations.

The department has a great library at its disposal available to be used by students and applicants.

The Department of International Relations is a constant organizer and co-arranger of scientific conferences and round table meetings, in particular “Quo vadis? In what direction are you walking, Central Europe?”, “First Uzhhorod Polish scientific readings”, “Unity in diversity: cultural, political and historical aspects of international relations in Germany”.