Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry is the youngest faculty at Uzhgorod National University. 

The faculty was founded in compliance with the Academic Council decision, on 31 August 2006 (Protocol No.8). The relevance of this division naturally derives from the concept for development of the basic principles of healthcare, as adopted by the President, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the resolution of the Transcarpathian Regional Council. Faculty of Dentistry at Uzhgorod National University was launched thanks to personal assistance of Viktor Baloha, the former head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and Professor Mihaylo Vehesh, ex-rector of Uzhgorod National University,

The Faculty trains the specialists in the academic field "Dentistry" (7.110106), throughout a 5 years` training period. We have the valid license for enrolling 100 students (20 in the public order, and 80 on the contractual basis).

Pursuant to the University Academic Council`s decision of 26 October 2006 (Protocol No.10) and the Rector`s Order as of 9.06.2009 No.68/0103, Faculty of Dentistry established four departments: Dental Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery and Oncologic Dentistry (Acting Head of Department: Doctor of Medicine, Professor V.V. Kaliy), Prosthetic Dentistry (Head of the Department: Candidate of Medicine, Professor Ye.Ya. Kostenko), Therapeutic Dentistry (Head of the Department: Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor M.K. Dobrovolska) and Pediatric Dentistry (Acting Head of the Department: Doctor of Medicine, Professor. R.V. Kazakova).

According to the Order No.257/01-03 dated 12.14.2012 dealing with reorganization of the departments, Department of Dentistry and Department of Dentistry of Maxillofacial Surgery from Institute of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training were merged into DEPARTMENT OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION IN DENTISTRY as part of Uzhgorod National University Faculty of Dentistry. A.M. Potapchuk was appointed the acting head of this department.

Yevgeniy KOSTENKO, Candidate of Medicine, Professor, Head of Department of Prosthetic Dentistry is the Acting Dean of the Faculty. Prof. Kostenko is also the Director of Research and Training Center of Forensic Dentistry at Uzhgorod National University; the Head of Association of forensic odontologists of Ukraine, which is integrated into IOFOS, the world association of odontologists; the Head of Transcarpathian Branch of Association for dentists-orthopedists and dental technicians of Ukraine.

Prof. Kostenko is the author of over 60 scientific papers and 6 inventions patented in Ukraine. He is a developer of medical diagnostic techniques and materials used in the treatment of major dental diseases. He is the also the author of computer programs for identifying people against their dental status, based on the radiographic studies, and identification of materials used in dental practice.

Prof. Kostenko graduated from Faculty of Dentistry at National Medical University named after O.O. Bohomolets and later worked in the central dental clinic of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, in Institute of Dentistry at National Medical Academy of postgraduate education for physicians named after P.L. Shupyk.

In 2009 Yevgeniy Kostenko defended his PhD thesis under the title "Clinical and experimental justification of improved methods for treating the teeth damaged below the gums." He is now conducting the scientific research on completion of doctoral degree: "Clinical and experimental justification of methods for identification of persons by their dental status".

Prof. Yevgeniy Kostenko is the head of students` scientific circle, the chief organizer of scientific conferences, symposia and practical workshops in dentistry. He is a co-author of many textbooks and manuals for dentistry university students and for practicing dentists. Some of his works are: "Prosthetics at the complete loss of teeth", "Atlas of mouth cavity diseases and surgery of the maxillofacial area and neck", "Propaedeutic to child therapeutic dentistry", "Atlas of identifying endoosseous dental implants by the radiographic signs". He also reads lectures and conducts workshops for students in "Prosthetic dentistry".

Brehlichuk Pavlo is the vice Dean for Pedagogic Work, the Assistant at Department of dental surgery, maxillofacial surgery and oncologic dentistry.

Students benefit from the lectures of the best Ukraine`s lecturers: MD Professor O.V. Pavlenko, MD Professor V.I. Bida, MD Professor Ya.P. Nagirniy, MD Professor R.V. Kazakova, PhD in Medicine Professor S.Y. Kukhta, PhD in Medicine Associate Professor V.M. Horytskiy, PhD in Medicine Associate Professor V.I. Radko, PhD in Medicine Associate Professor T.O. Pyndus, PhD in Medicine Associate Professor Yu.M. Bun, PhD in Medicine Professor O.V. Klitynska,  PhD in Medicine Professor Ye.Ya. Kostenko, PhD in Medicine Associate Professor M.K. Dobrovolska, Honorary Doctor of Uzhgorod National University, Professor Andriy Yencha (Slovakia), an honorary Doctor of Uzhgorod National University Professor Jozef Zhyvchak (Slovakia), PhD Associate Professor Peter Dzhupa (Slovakia), PhD Associate Professor Yencha Yanna.

Scientific work at the Faculty

For 7 years of its existence the Faculty has published 379 publications, including 115 in the Ministry approved professional journals. We have published 3 monographs, 2 atlases, 39 teaching aids, 4 newsletters and obtained 24 patents for utility model. There has been prepared 37 teaching materials in all core subjects for all the departments of Faculty of Dentistry, in compliance with the requirements of credit-modular system according to the Bologna process. Publication of three monographs is forthcoming.

14 Candidate of Medicine and 5 Doctor of Medicine dissertations are in preparation to defence.

M. Polyuzhyn