Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics and pharmacology











The department is created on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of UzhNU in accordance with the order number 258 / 01-17 from 02/27/2018.

The current staff of the department


 On the basis of the department it is planned to train dental specialists and doctors of another profile through the introduction of innovative approaches in the learning process and in order to train personnel for the implementation of P4 medicine in Ukraine.

P4 medicine is a preventive, prognostic, personified and patient-oriented medicine, which is primarily based on 1) adequate modern diagnostics and 2) evidence-based administration of medicines, which is the main principle of modern pharmacology.

Today, the success of a dentist preparation, in particular, or a medical professional as a whole, depends on our ability to provide students with new knowledge of today's modern methodological approaches that are already used in world practice in the field of clinical and laboratory diagnosis of a number of infectious and noncommunicable diseases of their subsequent practical application in medical practice.

Interactive and modular training is foreseen for the future specialists to develop the appropriate use of preventive and rational methods of treatment within the framework of lecture courses and practical classes.

Multidisciplinarity and complementarity of specialist skills are provided through mastery:

-       basic disciplines and courses:

1) General Microbiology

2) Medical (special) microbiology

3) Histology and cytology

4) Biological and medical chemistry

5) Pharmacology

6) Clinical Immunology

-       innovative sections and blocks in their composition:

1)    Human microbiome, its role in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious and non-infectious diseases

2)    Epigenetics

3)    Immunohistochemistry

4)    Modern methods of clinical and laboratory diagnostics

5)    Omics disciplines (metabolomics, nutriomics and proteomics)

6)    Bioinformatics, databases, mathematical modeling and IT technologies in medical practice

The main task of the department's specialists is to teach students to think independently and be able to analyze available information.

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