Faculty of Economics

The Economics Faculty was founded in 1963 when correspondence education was started in the following qualifications: Industry Planning, Economy and Logistical Supply Planning, Agriculture Planning, Finance and Credits, Bookkeeping.

The faculty confirms Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s Degrees in the following qualifications: Finance, Banking, Accounting and Audit, Economy of Enterprise. The term of studies for day-time student is 4 years for Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years for Specialist’s and Master’s Degrees, for correspondence students — one year more.

Three specialized departments educate students: Finance and Banking Department, Accounting and Audit Department, Economy of Enterprise Department. Lectures are delivered, year-papers and diploma papers are prepared under the guidance of experienced economists from all spheres of national economy.

Over 90 % of regional specialists in the sphere of accounting, finance, taxation, banking, logistics, economy of enterprise, agriculture economy were educated at the Economics Faculty. About 9 thousand economists graduated from the faculty. Our graduates work in all spheres. Among them are: Ledida O.O. — Head of Transcarpathian Regional Administration, Hoblyk V.V. — Assistant of the Head of Transcarpathian Regional Administration, Pohorelov V.V. — the Mayor of Uzhgorod, Kalamunyak M.M. — Head of Uzhgorod Sewing Factory, Badyda M.P. — Head of Uzhgorod Taxing Administration, Havrylko P.P. — Director of the Uzhgorod Commercial College, and many others whom we are proud of.

In 1992 the faculty started post-graduate programmes in three qualifications: Finance, Money Circulation and Credits; Accounting and Audit; Enterprise Economy, Organization and Management.

In 2001 the Specialized Council for confirming the Degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences was initiated for the following qualifications — 08.02.03. Management Organization, Planning and Regulation of Economy; 08.06.01 — Enterprise Economy, Organization and Management. Since 2013 there has been the Specialized Council for confirming the Degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences for the following qualifications: 08.00.03. — National Economy and Management, and 08.00.04. — Economy and Enterprise Management.

The education of highly qualified specialists is impossible without using world economic experience. The Faculty cooperates with many foreign educational institutions. Together with University of Connecticut (USA) the faculty founded the Business Centre, where students and teachers of the faculty work, some of them have visited the USA for special training. The faculty also cooperates with the business school of Luton University (Great Britain), together with which we fulfilled the programme of training for specialists in small business entrepreneurship. The faculty also cooperates with Nyiregyhaza Institute and Miskolc University (Hungary), Presov and Kosice Universities (Slovakia), where special trainings are held for teachers and students of the faculty. The faculty cooperates with the Kyiv National Shevchenko University, Kyiv National Economic University, Lviv National University, Lviv Banking Institute of the National Bank of Ukraine, Institute of Regional Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

 Research work at the faculty is conducted by all teachers and most of students. The departments fulfill research on the following topic: “Market Transformation of the Economy of Transcarpathian Region” The students of the faculty have been winners of the National competition of students’ scientific works in the following qualification: Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

Our students are active participants of sports competitions. In the years 1999—2012 the students of the Economics Faculty 11 times won the Uzhgorod University sports contest. They achieved much success in team basketball, volley-ball, as well as swimming, table tennis, football, light athletics.

Active work is being done by the students’ dean and elders of the groups, as well as the students’ trade union organization. These two institutions coordinate both academic work and extra-curricular activities.

Since 2000 there has performed the faculty’s KVN team, which has achieved success in the University contests, in the Championship of the Transcarpathian KVN League, and in some national contests.