Back in 1970, the department was established, known as Economics and Enterprise these days. Students of this department gain degrees as specialists in "Economics", specializing in "Enterprise Economics" as well as "Enterprise, trade and stock exchange activities" with specialization in "Personnel Management and Labour Economics". Upon successful completion of full or part-time studying program students are awarded with bachelor and master’s degrees. 

The heads of the department were: Assoc. Popovich P.P. (1970-1980) and Assoc. Fantich S.M. (1981-1985).

Starting from 1986 up to present days the head of the department is the corresponding member of NASU, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, Hon. Worker of Education of Ukraine, Hon. Professor of UzhNU, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Miklovda Vasyl Petrovich. 

After 1991 when postgraduate training at the department has become available teaching staffs was formed by postgraduates and highly qualified specialists of the national economy and scientific institutions invited during the educational process.

In order to improve the level of training of specialists, the department cooperates fruitfully with other departments of the faculty. The department has close contacts with ones of a similar profile of leading universities of Ukraine. In particular

 Taras Shevchenko National University Kyiv, Kiev National Economic University, I.Y. Franko National University of Lviv. The department has established close cooperation with foreign universities such as the University of Luton (UK), Siena College (USA), Prešov University (Slovakia), Nyiregyház University (Hungary), University Georgia (USA), Central University of Connecticut.

The department conducts research on the complex theme “Formation of mechanisms of activation of the potential of the Transcarpathian economic system in the conditions of globalization”, in which all the teachers of the department take active part.

Educational, methodological and research work of the department is aimed to improve educational process, theoretical and professional training of specialists.

An active search for improved forms of conducting theoretical and practical classes is always in progress, taking into account the features of regular and special courses as well as modern achievements of science.

All discipline programs read by the department's teachers have been updated and re-approved. In all disciplines training and methodological complexes were prepared according to the requirements of the Bologna educational process.

For active use by students teachers of the department have prepared and published more than one hundred methodological developments, including methodological tips for launching students' independent work, writing coursework and diploma papers, passing industrial, undergraduate and pedagogical practices.

In the course of the whole academic year during lectures, practical and laboratory classes, while conducting educational, production and pedagogical practices educational work with students is carried out. Teachers of the department regularly visit students at hostel № 3, where students of the Faculty of Economics live. Teachers take an active part in organizing students’ leisure events as well.

Sport teams of students of specialty "Economics" and "Enterprise, trade and stock exchange activities" actively participate in sports competitions, volleyball, basketball, chess, football, swimming and other athletic tournaments

The department actively engages leading specialists from different spheres of the national economy in the educational process that helps students to acquire practical skills necessary for their successful employment in future.


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