The Department of English Philology

The Department of English philology was founded as the home for leading faculty and top students in 1964. It was established to train specialists in English philology. The scientific and methodological potential of the department resulted from the common efforts of its heads: (1964-1974) O. M. Rot, Doctor of Philology,  Professor; (1974-1984) M.M. Ehreshi, Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor; (1984-1991) M.T. Azhniuk, Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor; (1991-1993) A.F.Tsytkina, Doctor of Philology,  Professor; (1994-1995) H.P. Zavalska, Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor; (1995-2006) M.M. Poluzhyn, Doctor of Philology, Professor; (2006-2011) M.P. Fabian, Doctor of Philology, Professor.

Since 3 September 2011 the department has been headed by Holyk S.V., Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor.

The department of English philology trains specialists in three educational-proficiency levels:
  • “Bachelor” – normative period of 3 years and 10 months of training (8 semesters), qualification – “Bachelor of Philology”. Language and literature (English);
  • “Specialist” – normative period of 10 months of training (2 semesters), upon completion of Bachelor’s degree, qualification – “Philologist”. Teacher of English language and world literature.
  • “Master” –  normative period of 10 months of training (2 semesters), upon completion of Bachelor’s degree, qualification – “Master of Philology”. Teacher of English language and world literature.

The department provides a range of theoretical and practical courses of English as the first and second foreign language at the Faculty of Foreign Languages as well as the specialized English teaching at the Faculty of Postgraduate and Pre-University Education.

The department offers full-time and part-time postgraduate programme (field of specialty 10.02.04 – Germanic languages; 10.02.17 – comparative - historical and typological linguistics). Entrance exams are conducted for students pursuing their graduate and postgraduate studies. The staff of the department participates in scientific conferences on the international, national and university levels.

The department staff organized the first and second International Conferences “Modern Studies in Foreign Philology” (October 2008 and September 2010), hosting scientists from Ukraine as well as several European countries. The work of the conference consisted of the following sections: “New Approaches and Tendencies in Modern Language Studies; “Foreign Literary Process, XX-XXI Centuries”, “New Tendencies in the Theory and Practice of Translation”, “Topical Problems of Foreign Language Teaching”.

The academic staff of the department fosters cutting edge research in linguistics, elaborating the problem of “The English Language and Literature: Theory and Practice”. All the scientific preferential interests of the department (ranging from grammar, phonetics and semantics studies to text pragmatics and cognitive linguistics) are well represented in students’ scientific research works.

The department initiated the publication of the scientific journal “Modern Studies in Foreign Philology”, included into the list of professional editions in the field of philology, enabling scientist to publish the results of their candidate and doctoral theses. (Higher Attestation Commission (national government agency that oversees awarding advanced academic degrees) Presidium resolution N1-05/2, issued on 10.03.2024).

The department of English philology collaborates with the Transcarpathian Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. Members of the department are engaged as regular jury members in regional competitions in the English Language and Literature and Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; they deliver lectures, seminars and practical classes for English language teachers at the regional postgraduate education courses.

The department has cultivated close ties with the corresponding departments of leading Ukrainian universities and the Universities of Kosice and Presov (Slovak Republic).The academic staff, together with the students of the department of English philology, take an active part in the project “English for V4 Countries Heritage Presentation” (2013-2014).

The department of English philology cooperates with Peace-Corp volunteers. This cooperation has resulted in the work of the English Speaking Club, which provides students the opportunity to attend classes, meetings and talks with native speakers and prominent lecturers. During 2014-2015 students of English philology department enjoy the unparalleled opportunity to attend classes of Fulbright  scholar Christina Bloemen, USA.

Members of the department contribute to sound methodological framework of the educational process. All the theoretical and practical courses are supported by elaborate teaching resources. Twice a year the department holds educational – methodological seminars as well as seminars-trainings with Pearson Education and Dinternal Book (Lviv) representatives. Members of the department are at the forefront of teaching and practice the latest approaches in TEFL, employing best practices that constitute excellence in university education.

Department alumni work in the system of secondary education (as teachers at schools, senior high schools and colleges), in higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad, they work as interpreters and administrative assistants.