Department of German Philology

German Philology department was founded in Uzhhorod National University in 1964. In 1964 – 1974, the post of the Department Head was held by Associate Prof. S.S. Shtefurovsky. The department was subsequently headed by Mykola I. Zymomria (1974 - 1979), Fedir A. Kulia (1979 - 1980), Georgiy I. Melika (1980 - 1992).

German Philology department is proud to number the outstanding scholars who have left an indelible imprint on its history including O.I. Monchak, L.A. Vladymyr, K.K. Yaskov, I.I. Fedynets, M.A. Martyn, Y.Y. Shraml, R.R. Turbina, E.R. Starodymova, L.T. Shmidzen, V.P. Olenych.

Graduates of the department (speciality 7.02030302 - German Language and Literature) work in the educational sphere as teachers and lecturers at senior high schools, colleges, higher educational establishments, as well as translators, administrative assistants, particularly at the customs and tax departments.

V. Hymynets, Ya. Paparyha, V. Marushynets and M. Vladymyr work in the Ukrainian Embassies abroad.

The academic staff constantly improve their professional skills via training in German-speaking countries and Goethe Institute in Kiev and Germany. The teaching of compulsory courses is supported by the thorough methodological basis in the form of programs, educational materials, audio and video materials, etc.

The department staff are members of the Association of Ukrainian Germanists and the Association of Germanists in Higher Education of Ukraine.

The department has cultivated close ties with higher educational institutions in Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Ukraine-Pfalz Association (Germany).

Students of German philology department attend lectures and optional courses delivered by eminent linguists of Ukraine, Germany and Austria on an annual basis. Professors L. Prokopova (Kyiv), O. Steriopolo (Kyiv), K. Rein (Germany), H. Scheuringer (Austria), P. Gstettner (Austria), V. Golzinger (Austria), doctors U. Tolksdorff (Germany), O. Dinger (Germany), H. Landkammer (Germany), etc. delivered lectures as guests of the department.

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of the Germanic Languages and Translation Studies Department in Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University M.I. Zymomria and Doctor Otto Dinger (Germany) have been conferred the title Doctor Honoris Causa of Uzhhorod National University.

The academic staff and students actively participate in the preparation and realization of the German-language television programs “Willkommen” and “Mit eigenen Augen” broadcast by the regional television company.

The German Language Center, the partner of Goethe Institut in Kyiv, functions in affiliation with the department of German Philology (the head of the centre – associate prof. V.V. Synio).

The best students of the department undertake language training along the lines of the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst).

Each year, study tours to the sister city of Darmstadt (Germany) are organized for students of the department.

Under the auspices of Goethe Institute, the Embassies of Germany and Austria in Kyiv, the department has received a considerable amount of literature, educational audio- and video-recordings, which are widely used in the educational process.

S. Golik