Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection

The department of ecology and environmental protection - the Head of the department is S. Yu. Chundak, Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, "High achiever in education of Ukraine", Member of the Coordination Council on issues "Inorganic chemistry" to NAS of Ukraine. The department is involved in the scientific research under the principal subjects: "Elaboration of theoretical and practical methods of technological processes and environmental objects monitoring".

The scientific efforts of the department are aimed at conducting applied investigations according to the directions:

  • Elaboration of methods for environmental objects monitoring. Assessment of environmental objects ecological conditions as well as estimation of man-made burden.
  • Elaboration of ecologically-friendly technology for industrial waste utilization, comprehensive raw materials use.
  • Modelling and forecasting of environmental condition.

The graduates of the faculty work as teachers at schools, technical colleges; engineers at plants. Those students, who showed inclinations and aptitude for scientific work, continue their postgraduate study, available at each department.

We are glad to welcome in our staff everyone, who is not afraid of difficulties, fond of untiring work and willing to dedicate their lives to exciting and very important industries of modern science – chemistry and ecology.