Department of Inorganic Chemistry

The department of inorganic chemistry – the Head of the department is I. E. Barchiy, Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, Member of the Coordination Council on issues of Inorganic chemistry to NAS of Ukraine. The department is working in the direction of elaborating theoretical bases for synthesis and cultivation of monocrystals of complex semi-conducting compositions, the research of their physico-chemical properties, which enables the opportunity to obtain new materials for the needs of solid-state electronics, the making of ionoselective electrodes. The research is being conducted for obtaining and investigating high-temperature superconductive ceramics. For weighty achievements the author group of               E. Yu. Peresh, Yu. V. Voroshylov, M. I. Hurzan, I. D. Oleksiyuk, M. I. Holovey was awarded the State prize in the field of science and technology in 2000 for the scientific work "Chemistry, technology and properties of complex chalcogenide halogen materials".