Faculty of Tourism and International Communication

According to the Decree number 138/01 dated from 17.04.2013 –a new structural unit was founded – Faculty of Tourism and International Communications (Dean of the Faculty – Gabchak N.F. Ph. D in Geography, docent). Joining up two Departments of Tourism into one Faculty – is not only a big students’ family that consists of more than 400 students but also a considerable scientific and pedagogic potential the strategic purpose of which is to compose a new highly cultured and educated generation of qualified specialists in tourism and to develop new touristic-recreational products at Carpathian Region.

Dean assistant:

Melnyk A.V. – Dean’s deputy on educational work, Ph. D in Geography, docent.

Methodologists of dean’s office:

Turyanytsa I.M. – leading specialist


Three acting Departments are the part of the Faculty: 

  • Department of Tourism;
  • Department of Touristic Infrastructure and Service;
  • Department of International Communications;

In sight is opening of a new Department – Hotel and Restaurant Management;

The important link of scientific research and developing grant programs in the sphere of tourism is an educational scientific institute of tourism and recreation, which consists of three laboratories: laboratory of innovation technologies in tourism, laboratory of excursion business and laboratory of museum business.

Successful admission of students, the entry competition for whom in 2013 made up 15-16 persons for a place – proves the vitality of this specialty. It provides training specialists in the following levels: “Bachelor” – with a normative term of study – 4 years (8 semesters), qualification “Bachelor of Tourism” (6.140103); “Specialist” – with normative term of study 1 year (2 semesters), qualification “Specialist in tourism, interpreter”, (7.14010301), “Master” – with normative term of study – 1,5 years (2.5 semesters) with qualification “Master of tourism, interpreter” (8.14010301).

According to the educational plan at the specialty mentioned a deepened study of foreign languages and a cycle of professionally oriented disciplines is scheduled. The latter, besides purely touristic orientation (history of tourism, science of tourism, technology of tourist activity, sport tourism) includes a big number of subjects on economics (economical theory, economy of enterprise, finances and company finances, international economics).  Much  attention is paid to mastering marketing and managing in tourism. Together with knowledge of organizing hotel, restaurant, excursion, museum business and international tourism future specialists will be able to conform easily at the market of internal and international tourism. Such qualifications as “specialist” and “master” in tourism, interpreter – require a profound study of English, German, French, Slovakian, Spanish languages with the purpose to create for students general and professional lingual competence for providing their effective communication within academic and professional sphere.

Main Fields of Educational and Scientific Activity of the Faculty:
  • Training of qualified specialists in accordance with the newest technologies in the sphere of tourism. The prominent quality of scientific activity of the Departments is an organic combination of scientific and educational processes;
  • Touristic and recreational potential of Transcarpathian region. Creating a new image of Ukrainian tourist product in Carpathian region;
  • Presenting the historical-cultural heritage of Carpathian Region as a sphere of excursion activity;
  • Information technologies in the sphere of tourism and hospitality;
  • New directions of lingual policy in tourism education;

 High professionalism of pro-rector of scientific and pedagogical activity – Head of the Department of  Tourism Infrastructure and Service, Professor  in Philosophy Shandor F.F. who was included in the list of  the best 40 Ukrainians of the “Ukraine-USA”  Fund in 2012 has provided that the Faculty and its structural divisions are now active participants of international cooperation and students’ internships, namely with such countries as: Australia, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Hungary, Slovakian Republic, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria. Thus, during the same year students were sent on practical training: Turkey – 65 students, USA – 11 students, Greece – 2 students, Indonesia – 2 students. Combination of considerable theoretical and practical study of the students – provides competitive graduate specialists in the field of tourism.