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International activities


Partnership agreements


British Council


In 2016, Uzhhorod National University joined this project. Namely, on May 25, the first meeting between the Rector of Uzhhorod National University, Professor Volodymyr Smolanka, and the British Council Project Manager, English for Universities, Zhanna Sevastyanova, discussed the prospects of cooperation between the British Council and Uzhhorod National University. The project coordinator was the Department of International Communications of the Faculty of Tourism and IC (the project was initiated by the head of the Department of International Communications, Associate Professor Zhovtani R.Y. and senior lecturer Koval L.O.)



Since 2012, within the framework of cooperation between the Department of Tourism of Uzhhorod National University and the Tourism Department of the Polytechnic University of Jihlava in the Czech Republic, scientific and practical workshops are organized every May and September with Czech and Ukrainian students under the guidance of research and teaching staff.

The essence is to study the common regions (Transcarpathia and Vysochyna - respectively) from a tourist point of view and to establish friendly relations between young people.


Internship for teachers

Teachers of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications undergo various internships in different parts of the world. Follow the link to see where our teachers have undergone internships:


Exchange programs

The priority of internationalization of the institutional educational space of Uzhhorod National University is to establish partnerships between institutions of higher education and science. Based on agreements with research institutions and higher education institutions, the main potential areas of cooperation have been identified, taking into account the strengths and needs of partners and agreed on joint actions in the field of education and science, the formation of innovations.


Practice - student internship

The Faculty of Tourism and International Communications approaches the organization of internships of its students very carefully. After all, in the field of service, and not only, practice is the key to becoming a young professional. The best hotel-restaurant and tourist-recreational complexes, leading tour operators and travel agencies serve as bases of educational practices-internships of students.