Department of International Communication

Due to actual globalization processes in Ukraine there is a requirement to bring up multilingual, multicultural personality who could satisfy professional and cultural requirements of the society freely communicating in foreign languages, mainly: English, German, French, Spanish, Slovakian. The basic principle which is the basis of lingual culture in Europe is declared multilingualism. This is the ability of a person to use several foreign languages for international communication and improvement of professional activity. Namely the tendencies of internationalization in almost all aspects of live (in the first place – economic, scientific, educational) greatly influenced the interests of people in Transcarpathian Region, especially in mastering Slovakian Language.

The necessity to train specialists of touristic industry who could use foreign language is due to integration processes in economic and culture spheres and is also specified by geographical position of Ukraine. In this context fluency in a certain  language is a peculiar guarantee of successful job placement for graduates of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications both in Ukraine and abroad.

In August 2012 on the basis of the Faculty of Economics and Tourism of Transcarpathain National University the Department of Foreign Languages was founded. Since September 2013 at the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications of  Uzhgorod National University  the Department of Intercultural Communication has been functioning.

Teaching staff provides teaching in English, German, French, Spanish and Slovakian languages of 8 disciplines for students of 1-6 courses of  full-time and extra-mural departments at the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications.

Educational process is directed to developing of professionally oriented foreign language communicative competence for students. The matter concerns the ability to communicate in foreign language at professional fields. For this purpose  correspondently appropriate methods and skills of teaching foreign language are employed to form the grounds of secondary lingual personality ready for professional intercultural communication and self-development in a new informational communicational sphere.

The Staff of the Department intensively introduce interactive methods of study. Language teaching is done with the use of innovative informational resources (video and audio material, educative multimedia means, internet).

All educational disciplines have proper educational and methodic provision, including manuals composed by lecturers, methodic recommendations for practical lessons, packages of module control tests.

An illustration of professional language level of the teaching staff is the fact that members of the Department were trained in the countries the languages of which are studied at the Faculty  (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakian Republic).

With the purpose to practice foreign languages which are studied at the Faculty of Tourism and international Communications, The Department constantly organizes meetings with native speakers, conferences, scientific forums, seminars, round tables discussions etc. Thus for combining the use of language skills in German and English languages and for acknowledging students with the sphere of touristic services in Germany within the frame of city-partners cooperation (Uzhgorod-Darmshtadt) and touristic association “SKAL” in March of 2013 there was organized a thematic seminar-trip “Exhibition and event tourism” to Austria (Wienn, Zalzsburg, Wells) and Germany (Darmshtadt, Munich, Frankfurt).