Department of Tourism

The Department of Tourism in an updated composition on the territory of Uzhhorod National University fully earned in April 2013. Its activities are focused on ensuring a high level of teaching disciplines of the cycle of professional and practical training of students in the field of knowledge 24 "Sphere of service" in the following specialties:

  • 242 "Tourism" for OS "bachelor"
  • 242 "Tourism" for OS "Master"
  • 241 "Hotel and restaurant business" for OS "bachelor"
  • 241 "Hotel and restaurant business" for OS «Master"

Today the team of scientific and pedagogical workers of the department consists of 8 people who work at the main place of work and 6 people - part-time. Among them full-time employees are professor Mashika GV and associate professors: Gabchak NF, Chir NV, Kashka M.Yu., Prigara OV, Hanas U.Ya., Grabar MV, senior off Ishchuk TT, senior lecturer Krivenkova R.Yu., assistant. Ivanytsia SM

Associate professors Agiy Ya.Yu., Pavlyshyn LV, Penyak PS, Sabadosh GO, senior lecturer Malyar EM work part-time. Specialists of the department are widely involved in the implementation of various state programs for tourism development in the Carpathian region and Ukraine. Associate professors Gabchak NF and Hanas U.Ya. are members of the Academic Council of Uzhhorod National University. Each of them makes a personal contribution to the development of tourism education in the region. Head of the Department of Tourism Associate Professor Natalia Francivna Gabchak since December 2019, an expert on the accreditation commission of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NAME) in the specialties 242 "Tourism" and 103 «Geography".

Research work of the teaching staff of the Department of Tourism is carried out within the departmental scientific theme: "The main directions and competitive advantages of the tourism industry at the regional level.»

Scientific research is conducted in the following areas:

1. Assoc. Gabchak N. F.  "Assessment and use of recreational and tourist potential of the region for tourism purposes."

2. prof. Mashika G. V.  "Spatial organization of the tourism sector and the economic potential of the region."

3. Assoc. Chir N. V.  "Territorial organization of tourist infrastructure of the Transcarpathian region as a tool to increase the recreational attractiveness of the territory»

4. Assoc. Kashka M.Y. "The main directions and competitive advantages of religious tourism in the Transcarpathian region."

5. Assoc. Hanas U.Y. "Environmental and cultural aspects of development at the regional level."

6. Assoc. Prigara O. V. "Environmental aspects of tourism development».

7. Assoc. Grabar M.V. - "Regional vectors of integration processes in the tourism industry as a prerequisite for the systematic development of the industry."

8. Assoc. Penyak P.S. "Historical and cultural resources of Transcarpathia: the state and prospects of use in the recreational sphere."

9. Art. off Krivenkova R.Y. "Formation of tourist potential at the regional level: public administration aspect».

The achievements of the teachers of the department are marked by a high level of scientific and educational training. Much has been done to provide the educational process with professional literature, manuals, guidelines, programs of courses and special courses, both normative and variable component.

The Graduate Department of Tourism provides quality and professional training for the OS "Master". The elective component (choice of university and disciplines offered by the student) is based on in-depth study of geographical and historical disciplines, which allows future professionals to form global approaches and spatial thinking, and classical university education, including in-depth study of several foreign languages, promotes competitiveness. graduates in the labor market.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Tourism provide quality teaching of the following disciplines:


Current problems of tourism and services

Current philosophical problems in tourism

Geography of tourism in Ukraine

Hygiene and sanitation in the industry

Business etiquette in tourism

Ecological tourism and geotourism



Information systems and technologies in tourism

History of Transcarpathia

History of tourism development in the world

Resort business

Medical and health tourism

Methodology and organization of scientific research

International tourism

Organization of excursion activities

Organization of recreational services

Fundamentals of safety in tourism

Basics of the scientific research

Fundamentals of tourism

Occupational Health 

Planning and design of hotel and tourist complexes

Regional socio-economic geography of the world and tourist regions of the world

Regional studies

Recreational geography


Religious tourism and pilgrimage

Socio-economic geography of the world and tourist regions

Modern varieties of tourism


Tourist local lore

Tourist local lore

Tourist and recreational resources of Ukraine and Transcarpathia

Tourist routes of Transcarpathia

Tourist and recreational potential of the region

Philosophy of tourism


Types of practices:


OS "Bachelor"

Training practice "Introduction to the profession"

Educational practice "Local history and tourism"

Production practice "Organization of tourist activity»

Pre-diploma practice


OS "Master":

Production "Research Assistant" practice

Undergraduate (managerial) practice


Internships are an integral part of the training of tourism professionals. During internships, students gain knowledge and skills to conduct tourism business in modern conditions in the field of service. The best hotel-restaurant and tourist-recreational complexes, leading tour operators and travel agencies not only in Transcarpathia, but also in such countries as Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, USA serve as bases of students' internships.

Since 2017, our students have been practicing on the basis of the hotel chain "ALEXANDRA COMPLEX" in the Slovak Republic, as well as in the ski resort Jasna in the Slovak Tatras. The cross-border location of Transcarpathia allows to constantly expand the geography of bases of practices in the near abroad. Already during their studies, students have the opportunity to find employment with partner companies and other companies. Upon graduation, most graduates are employed in the specialty.

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