Department of Tourism

The Foundation history of the Department of Tourism started as being a part of Geographical Faculty of UzhNU in 2005 leaded by a famous specialist in tourism of  Transcarpathain region – Matsola V.I. – Ph. D in Economics. In 2006 the Department was headed by a famous expert in regional geography, Professor in Philosophy Shandor F.F. In 2008 at ZakDU there was founded  specialty “tourism” and  a graduating  Department of Tourism was created which was headed by Gabchak N.F.

As a result of joining together ZakDU and UZhNU in April 2013 the Department of Tourism continued its functioning with renewed teaching staff, oriented to providing a high level of teaching studying disciplines at professional and practical students’ training in the following fields of study: 6.140103 “Tourism” – qualification level “Bachelor”, 140103 “Tourism” specialty 7.14010301 “Science of Tourism” – qualification level: “specialist”, 140103 “Tourism” at specialty 8.14010301 “Science of tourism” – qualification level: “Master” in the field of study 1401 “Service sector”. 

Nowadays the teaching staff consists of 8 permanent employees and two pluralists. Staff of the department is involved in activity at different state programs of tourism development in Ukraine.

Gabchak N.F. is a member of expert council of State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine as licensing Institutions of Higher Education – 4th level of accreditation – Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine.

Each of them makes his own considerable input into Regional Tourism education development.

Achievements of the Department staff are significant because of the high level of scientific and educational methodological training. A lot of work is done for providing the studying process with professional literature, manuals, methodic recommendations, program of basic and special courses of normative and modified component.

On the basis of Department a studying and practical laboratory of geo information and tourism is functioning – head of the Department – Baletska L.M. also there is a students’ tourist information center (head of the center – Koval O.D.) Here students master the skills of market activity in the sphere of information and promotion of touristic and excursion product spreading in students’ sphere information about touristic possibilities of Uzhgorod and other regions of Ukraine.

Additional possibilities in studying foreign languages are provided by the Department of  International Communications. (Head of the Department – Zhovtani R.Y) and specialty orientation is supported by training courses and advanced training for guides.

To Master level are accepted students from other Institutions of Higher Education with appropriate specialization.

The choice approach (choice of Institutions of Higher Educations for students) is based on a profound study of geographic disciplines what allows to create for future  specialists a global approaches and spatial thinking, and classical University Education (including a profound study of several foreign languages) stimulates the competitiveness of graduates.