Department of Urban Buildings Construction and Maintenance

The Department of city building and economy founded in 1995 is preparing specialists of educational qualification level “Bachelor” and “Specialist” at specialty 7.06010103 “city building and economy”. Licensed extent: 50 persons.

Head of the Department is Ph.D in technical sciences, docent, a member of the union of urbanists Holyk Yolana Mykolayivna.

In accordance with studying plan – responsibility for preparing specialists at direction “city building and economy” in the cycle of natural-scientific (fundamental) disciplines and cycle of professionally oriented disciplines, cycle of free choice of High Education Institution is entrusted to the Department of City Building and Economy of Engineering Technical Faculty.

Studying plan for training specialists, programs of standard and special courses are developed according to the requirements of state educational professional program for High Education at professional field of study “building” and engineer-builder at specialty “city building and economy”. Training specialists at humanitarian and social economic disciplines is entrusted to correspondent departments of economic, historic, law, Roman-German Philology and Philology Faculties. In total during the time of its existence  at Department of city building and economy at Uzhhorod National University were trained 469 specialists for building branch at full-time form of study, 87 – at extra-mural form of study, 37 – at the Faculty of after-diploma education. At the present time at Department of city building and economy study 112 students and 50 students at extra-mural form of study, 8 – at after-diploma Institute of education.

Material resources of the University are sufficient for carrying out the studying process. In accordance with the studying plan there are well equipped workshops, rooms and laboratories. There are reading rooms in all studying buildings and dormitories of the University. At students’ services are the fund and reading-rooms of Regional Scientific Technical Library and the funds of Practical Institutes “Zakapartdipromisto” “Zakarpatukrkooproekt”, “Ukravtodor” and other.

University cooperates with Kyyiv Scientific Researching and Projecting Institute of city building, Kyyv National University of Building and Architecture, University “Lviv Polytechnic” and other building Universities and Institutes of Ukraine with the purpose to rise the scientific methodology, staff and scientific and technical level for supporting studying process.

At the present moment there are established connections with geotechnical faculty  in the city of Varazdin (Croatia), Architecture Faculty at Budapest Polytechnic University (Hungary). In 2009-2009 some students and lectures of the Department visited Budapest Polytechnic University for getting acquainted with the system and content of modern European education. On the grounds of this cooperation was held a  number of seminars at Uzhhorod National University on the basis of Department of city building and economy, where well known European Companies acquainted our students with modern European building technologies. Thus, period of trainee for students and lecturers (at direction building) is closely connected with European technologies.

Prospects of employment

The main directions of training future specialists are: city building systems taking into consideration modern processes of urbanization, building reconstruction accomplishment of the territories, process of building, exploitation, repair works, building reconstruction, providing safe conditions for works, environmental questions and questions of fire safety. A particular attention, while taking into consideration the perspectives of development of Transcarpathian region as resort region, is attractable for future specialists for objects and buildings of recreation purpose, engineering service of buildings of resort branch, hotels, motels, ecological cleaning systems, infrastructure of recreation system.

Engineer-builder after finishing his study at the University can obtain different positions of engineering and technical staff at building organizations which provide general building or specialized works, also at architecture Institutions at local authority bodies, at Institutions of environmental safety, at Scientific Researching Institutions, projecting organizations, sub-departments of Ministry of Emergency situations, fire safety etc. The graduates of the Department can work as lecturers of specialty disciplines at Professional Educational Institutions, also as specialists of marketing, advertisement, consultants, at trusts, investing and other market structures which activity is connected with building.