Department of Computer Systems and Networks

The Department was founded in 1991 under the name of “Department of natural sciences” and it was the first at newly founded Engineering Technical Faculty. In 1993 it was renamed to Department of Mathematical Modeling and in 2004 – to Department of Computer Systems and Networks. Within the same year training of specialists in “Computer Engineering” – was started (specialty “Computer Systems and Networks”).

Teaching Staff of the Department provides teaching of fundamental and special disciplines, directing the fulfillment of course and graduation thesis, internships, and also teaching a number of fundamental disciplines for students of other faculties.

Lections, practical and laboratory lessons are held with use of modern multimedia and network technologies. An over-the-air network with Internet access was created.

Entry competition for the state order at the field of study “Computer Engineering” – is one of the highest at UzhNU.

On the basis of Department every year  the 3rd stage of Ukraine wide Olympiad for young specialists in informatics is held and also the 2nd stage of Ukraine wide competition of scientific researches by the students who are members of Small Scientific Academy, and also regular competitions in programming.

Since 2012 progressive members of the Department leaded by the Head of the Department – take active part in International Project – Fostering Innovations on Green Computing and Communications (GREENCO). Besides, the Department works in close cooperation with University of Newcastle (Great Britain) and takes part in developing studying plans and programs for magistracy, postgraduate study and at refresher training courses in the following field of study: “Ecologically safe computer technologies and communications”.

At the Department there are all conditions for scientific work of students. Annual scientific student’s conferences are held. The best students take part at Ukraine wide students Olympiads and scientific conferences and regularly win prizes.

Because of rapid development of computer engineering – the studying plans and methodic materials are constantly being renewed, stay in touch with leading institutions of higher education in our country,  leading specialists in different fields of study are invited to give lections to students of the Department.

Among the plans of Department is to open a magistracy course in specialty “Computer Systems and Networks”.


The Department graduates specialists of educational level – Bachelor, field of study: “Computer Engineering”, specialists at specialty: “Computer Systems and Networks”.

Bachelor’s graduates receive a basic higher education and qualification “Bachelor of Computer Engineering”. They can hold positions of technician-programmer, engineer-programmer, laboratory assistant.

Bachelors at Computer Engineering can continue the study for obtaining qualification level of a specialist or master at specialties: “Computer Systems and Networks”, “System Programming”, “Specialized Computer Systems”.

The Department prepares specialists at specialty “Computer Systems and Networks”. They receive complete higher education and qualification “Engineer of Computer Systems”. The graduates are prepared for professional activity in the following fields of study:

  • developer of computational systems;
  • access administrator;
  • system administrator;
  • database administrator;
  • analyst for computer communications;
  • analyst for computer systems;
  • analyst for computer database;
  • constructor of computer systems;
  • engineer for soft-ware based computer support;
  • development of computer programs;
  • system programmer;
  • specialist in other branches of computing;
  • producing computers and other equipment for information processing;
  • installing and repair of computers and other equipment for information processing;
  • technical support and repair of computers;
  • computer systems’ engineer;
  • engineer for soft-ware based support for computers;
  • electronics engineer;
  • constructing engineer;
  • technical system engineer;
  • programmer-engineer;