Department of Instrument Engineering

The Department of instrument-making executes educational activity within the frame of knowledge branch 0510 “Metrology. Measuring equipment and informational-measuring technologies” training direction 6.011003 “Instrument-making”, specialties 7(8) 05100304 “Instruments and systems of ecological monitoring”. Qualification of specialist – engineer-constructor, qualification of master – engineer-researcher. At the present time approximately 140 students study there at  full-time and extra-mural departments.

In a rather short period of time with the help of enterprises of our region was created a sufficient material-technical base for holding laboratory and practical lessons, scientific researches, fulfillment of course and diploma projects, master thesis. At the Department there is functioning a laboratory equipped with modern technical devices of micro-processing equipment, computer class with CAPR devices which is provided with program products Lab/WIEV, AutoCAD, P-CAD, ACCEL EDA, COMPAS, APM WinMachine, Multism and AltiumDesigner. Etc.

Studying plans, working studying programs are composed taking into consideration branch standards approved for the given field of study and specialty. In accordance with the requirements all disciplines, foreseen by studying plan are provided with all the information and methodic materials needed.

Employment for graduates

The Department of Instrument-making prepares specialists who will work at enterprises, at scientific and constructing project Institutions holding positions of: engineer-researcher, engineer-constructor, engineer-investigator, engineer for testing measuring equipment and other positions connected with development, producing and exploitation of instruments and systems of ecologic monitoring.

The Department maintains close relations with enterprises and also correspondent agreements of cooperation are signed. During the period of internships and presentations the graduates are well acknowledged with conditions of work at the mentioned enterprise. On the other hand – the Employers also have possibility to estimate the qualification level of students and their attitude to work. At a great extend this determines the future job placement for graduates of the Department.

The high level of knowledge of graduates in electronics, mechanics, computer technologies – promotes their successful employment  at the most modern enterprises of the Region as: “Jabil Circuit Ukraine Limited”, “Yazaki Ukraine”, “Groklin Karpaty”, RadioPlant of Beregovo”, “Flextronics -1”, “Flaxtronics-2”, Fisher Ukraine”, “VET Automoyive Ukraine”, “Eurocar”, “Euroautoteck”, etc.

Scientific activity

 At the Department scientific researches are held  within complex topic “Instruments and measuring systems of physical values” and in the frame of state budget topics.  In general scientific researches which are made by lecturers of Department face the licensed direction and specialty of training the specialist. Symbolically they can be divided as:

  • optimizing scheme-technical decisions for providing gas-analyzers and indicators of explosive and toxic gases which are determined for use in working rooms with high level of humidity;
  • investigation of transmission characteristics of gas sensors of direct and non direct heating;
  • developing the optimal regimes of impulse supply of adsorbing sensors and determining the selection work regime;
  • developing constructor project documentation for gas-analyzer of methane and charcoal gas on the basis of adsorbing sensor elements for everyday use;
  • investigation of possibility to build “intellectual” gas sensors (smart sensor) using 8-byte micro controllers of Atmal Company;
  • making computer investigations of glassy semiconductors with the purpose of optimal choice of composition for sensitive element of fiber-optical temperature detectors and instruments on their basis;

At the Department there are created all conditions for individual scientific work of students, a students’ constructing bureau “Prylad” is functioning, also are held students’ scientific practical conferences.

The best diploma and master theses of the students are presented to take part in different University and country competitions for the best scientific work of creation.

Over a long period of time Department supports close connection with the best Educational Institutions of our country (National Technical University of Ukraine), Kyyiv Polytechnic Institute”, National University “Lviv Polytechnic” etc and many other foreign Institutes like:

  • Prague Institute of Physics (Czech Republic)
  • Liberez Technologic Institute (Czech Republic)
  • Debrecen Technical University (Hungary)
  • Kosice High Technical School (Slovakian Republic)
  • Institute of Physics (Serbia) and other.