Department of Instrument Engineering

Training on the specialty "Automation and computer-integrated technologies" at the department "Instrument making" is focused on:

  • studying the general principles of construction of the modern automated machines, devices and household appliances;
  • learning skills of development, maintenance and repair of automated production machines, devices and household appliances;
  • designing an effective automated resource-saving energetic systems;
  • development of modern areas of integrated usage of computers, microcontrollers and microprocessors in various fields of human activity.

Students of this specialty for general technical training are studying:

  • basics of metrology, standardization, certification and international standards;
  • engineering graphics; 
  • general computer and communication technologies;
  • modern material science;
  • electrical engineering. 

In the direction of special training in the specialty are studied:

  • modern electronics, modern analog and digital semiconductor devices, microcontrollers and industrial controllers, wireless communication channels;
  • technical means of automation using electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum mechanisms;
  • methods, sensors and devices for measuring physical quantities and parameters of technological processes;
  • modern computer technologies and electronics design programs for automated control systems for objects of different designation and complexity; special computer programs for computer-integrated technology;
  • principles of construction and functioning of automated machines, household appliances and devices;
  • typical automated technological processes in modern instrument making and power engineering;
  • principles of development and modern IT programming of microcontroller systems for automation of household appliances and process machines;
  • the basics of introduction of the newest unconventional power sources and resource-saving technologies in automated systems.

The main tasks that Bachelor of Science can solve independently after graduation:

  • Application of computer technologies in various spheres of activity. Work with modern computer systems and software packages: LabWIEW, AutoCAD, P-CAD, ACCEL EDA, КОМПАС, АРМ WinMachine, Multisim, Altium Designer and others.
  • Programming microcontrollers and industrial controllers; development, operation and repair of automated systems on their basis.
  • Analysis of technical, economic and social advantages of implementing sources of energy saving resources.

Topic "List of courses"

Basic disciplines of general and special professional training of bachelors in the specialty "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies": 

Nature and Engeneering Courses


Higher Mathematics.


Material Science and Construction Materials.

Measurements of Physics Values.

Analytical Methods in Automation.

Common Engeneering Courses

Computer and Communication Technologies.

Engineering Graphics.



Computer Graphics.

Designing of System Elements.

Computer Aided Design.

Life Safety and Labor Protection.

Business Planning.

Electronics and Electrics Courses

Electronics Circuits.

Semiconductor Devices.

Analog Electronics.

Digital Electronics.

Displaying Information Devices.

Integrated Micro Circuitry Devices.

Electrical Engineering.

Resource-saving Energetic.

Automation Courses

Instruments of Automation.

Automatic Control Theory.

Electrical Micro Mashines.

Sensors and  Sensor Devices.


Remote Control Systems. 

Device Making Technology.

Industrial Controllers.

Microprocessor Systems.

Computer Integrated Systems. 

Metrology of  Measurements.

Programming of Automatic Systems.

IT-Programming and Automation.

Computer interfaces.

Modeling and Optimization of Automatic Systems.


Industrial Training

Technological Practice.

Designing Practice.


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