Scientific Research And Educational Center Of Molecular Microbiology And The Immunology Of Mucous Membranes


In 2009, Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology of Mucous Membranes was opened at the medical faculty SREC of Uzhhorod National University, on the basis of which on December 30, 2013 the Research and Training the Centre for Molecular Microbiology and the Immunology of Mucous Membranes (the Center) was established. The head of the Center was appointed the Doctor of Biology, professor of microbiology, immunology and virology, the reader of the course of infectious diseases Nadiya Boyko.

Today, the Center employs:

1. Doctor of Biology, prof. Nadiya [Volodymirivna] Boyko.

2. Doctor of Chemistry, prof. Serhiy Nykolayovych Sukharev;

3. Doctor of Biology, prof. Lubov Mykhailivna Felbaba-Klushyna;

4. Doctor of Medicine, prof. Marianna Ivanivna Tovt-Korshynska;

5. Assoc. Prof., PhD. Lyudmila Yuriivna Symochko;

6. PhD, Candidate of Biological Sciences., sen. sc. worker Olha Bohdanivna Levchuk;

7. PhD, Cand. med. sc. sc. w. Viktor Oleksandrovych Petrov;

8. Sc. w. Natalia Vasylivna Markush;

9. Jun. sc. w. Kateryna Mikhailivna Lyashyna;

10. Sc. w., graduate student Victoria Vitalivna Bati;

11. Sc. w., graduate student Olexandra Volodymirivna Pallah;

12. Sc. w., graduate student Tamara Vadymivna Meleshko.

Scientific Research and Educational Center of Molecular Microbiology and the Immunology of Mucous Membranes at Uzhhorod National University under Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, by the decision of the Academic Council of the University as of 04.04.2011, (order No. 73/01-03) was created as a separate university department. The activities of the Centre and the internal structure are governed by the duly approved Regulations. The Center is a structural association of performers of research work based on joint scientific and financial-economic interests.

   The Center was created with the aim of comprehensive and effective use of the intellectual potential of the respective professors’ staff and scientific topics of UzhNU via association of financial, technical and human resources to improve the skills and quality of training of students, experts (scientific personnel), implementation of R&D, training and educational activities within the priority areas of microbiology and immunology of biological and medical sphere.

The Center takes active part in the training of health professionals and other natural science faculties based on signed agreements. The research facilities of the Centre with the area totaling 200 m2, include biotechnology, microbiological, molecular and immunological diagnostic laboratories. The additional facilities of the Centre include interpretive and analytical, educational and training facilities. The Center owns specialized sterile boxes fully equipped for the cell cultures and fragments tissues culture. For the in vivo experiments the Center traditionally uses two lines of mice (Balb/c and scid), held in the vivarium of the Center.

 The specialized laboratories have all the basic equipment for microbiological and immunological work, including: autoclaves, distillers, thermostats, sterilizers, Vortexes, laminar box of class II biosafety, including the MiniSpin (Ependorff) and Hermle Z300 centrifuges with cooling nozzles and microplate holders, precision scales (Axis), low temperature refrigerators -20 0С and -80 0С Freezer, ELISA (Elx800), magnetic shakers, refrigerators, anaerostats (Invitrogen, CO2 incubators, devices for horizontal and vertical electrophoresis (for the Western Blot analysis), lights and fluorescent microscopes (Micros MS50) spectrophotometers, TLC analyzer, mono- and multi-dispensers (BioHit and BOECON), automatic multichannel dispenser antibiotics (BioRAD), bioethanol cryo chamber, 5-liter ice generator, microwave oven, computer camera, printers etc. and etc.

The Centre uses disposable plastic, a sterile system for the collection of biological material, monoclonal antibodies, reagents for the cultivation of a wide range of microorganisms and their identification, incl. universal, selective and differentiated diagnostic and selective nutrient media (MRS, URI-Selekt, MacConkey, BHI others), biochemical and serological test systems Lachema, API, Latex, nutrient media for cell culture and tissue fragments, antibiotics. The Center supports the author's collection of microorganisms. The laboratories of the Center are duly accredited, the equipment is calibrated annually.

The Center is a co-founder of the non-profit voluntary association of R&D institutes and innovative companies in the field of medicine and life sciences members/Cassovia Life Sciences (Life Kasoviya Sáenz), located at the adjacent cross-border regions of Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. This association is equipped with modern equipment, which will be used in the R&D work of the Centre.C:\Users\Дом\Pictures\foto pracivnuku LABA\IMG_8224.JPG The complete list of published scientific articles and theses based on the results of the research can be found here (link to NDI articles abstracts file).


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