Research Institute of State and Confessional Relations

The Scholarly Research Institute of the State-Confessional Law and Church-State Relations founded according to the Order № 263 / 01-03 from December 30th 2013 the rector of the Uzhhorod National University by Professor Fedir Vaschuk.

"Uzhhorod National University" approved by the decision of the Academic Council since January 23rd 2014 (protocol № 5-2013 / 2014)

The State-Confessiona Law – is the branch of public law, which includes the legal standards set by national legislation, regulations of international and European law regulating the legal status of churches and religious organizations in state and Church-State Relations in general.

According to the Regulations on the activities of the SRI, the main tasks of the Institute are:
  • complex development of legal science, coordination, organization of  conducting of fundamental and applied scientific research in the area of ​​State-Confessional Law and State-Church Relations;
  • consolidation of intellectual potential of researchers of scholarly research institutions and the faculty of the schools of law profile, religious educational institutions and organization of scientific research activities in the field of study of church-state relations in Ukraine;
  • scientific providing law-making bodies of the government and management of freedom of conscience and religion, preparation of practical recommendations for improving the activities of public authority and local municipality;
  • the study and summarize the mechanisms of implementation of legislation in the field of State-Confessiona Law;
  • the analysis of legislation in the area of ​​State-Confessional Law and Church-State Relations as compared with West-European and American analogis, generalizations world experience of legal regulation of social relations in the field of ​​State-Confessional Law;
  • the facilitation distribution of legal information, creating legal awareness of citizens, evolution of legal education;
  • the development of new directions in the field of legal science;
  • the propaganda of achievements of legal science and promote scientific knowledge in the area of State-Confessional Law and Church-State Relations.
  • Implementing main tasks, newly established subdivision:
  • performs a basic and applied research in the field of State-Confessional Law and Church-State Relations;
  • participates in the preparation of national and regional programs;
  • composes analytic informational reviews of the state and trends of  development of the legislation in the field of  State-Confessional Law, makes analysis of the practice of this legislation and on this basis developing methods of cooperation of churches and religious organizations with public authorities;
  • conducts scientific research and based on their results develops proposals for improvement.

M. Polyuzhyn