Centre of Psychological Assistance

The Centre of Psychological Service (CPS) is a constituent part of the State System of Physical and Mental Health in the structure of education of young people in Ukraine and acts to identify and create the optimal social psychological conditions for personal development in the terms of training.

The CPS is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Laws of Ukraine "About Education", "About providing psychiatric care to the population of Ukraine" and the draft bill "About providing psychological care to the population of Ukraine" and its own Regulations like all the psychological services in its activity.

The activities of psychological services provided practical psychologists in the system of higher education in Ukraine, a social pedagogues and a social employees with higher vocational education. According to their status a service employees belong to the teaching staff and accordance with current legislation all the rights and guarantees are provided for them.

The CPS closely cooperates with health authorities, security forces, social protection agencies and the Family and Youth, as well as public and charitable organizations.

The CPS operates in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Psychologists, therefore each client ensures confidentiality, anonymity, humanity, unconditional respect for personal life and competence.

The task of the CPS:
  • to promote full personal and intellectual development of the students.
  • the optimization of the educational process at the university.
  • to facilitate effective adaptation of the students, particularly the first-year students (freshmen) to study in higher school.
  • the consultancy on medical, age, child, teen, family, school, political, legal, ethnic psychology and psychology of management, production, sports and management.
  • the prevention of exclusion processes, including deviant behavior among the students young people.
  • the correction of exclusionly states, a deviant behavior (illegal, drug addicts, suicide etc.).
  • the assistance for the students in the crisis and stress conditions.
  • the therapy of psychological symptoms of exclusion among the young students.
  • the prevention of mental illness among the students.
  • a psychological counsultations on physical and mental health, adaptation to stressful situations.
  • a psychological counsultations on professional growth and studies.
  • a psychological training to improve the problems of mental activity: memory, attention, traits of a leader, communicative functions and etc.
  • a social and psychological analysis of the activities of the heads of organizations, institutions and political leaders.
  • the poll (questioning) of public opinion of population and sociometric research in the labor group, organizations and institutions.
  • the mediation in resolving interpersonal and collective conflicts.
  • providing services in the field of forming the prestige of the chief and political leader.
The main kinds of activities of the CPS:
  • the psychodiagnostic of the students, groups and teams.
  • the correction of unadaptive behaviors of the students.
  • the psychotherapy of exclusion and pathopsychological states.
  • the rehabilitation of posttraumatic and poststressful states.
  • the prevention of devianta behavior and mental illness.

The work of the Center is provided by highly qualified psychologists, sociologists, doctors and candidates of sciences, with extensive experience in applied research and practice.

Levels of the functioning of the CPS:
  • scholarly – a psychological studies in diplomas, courseworks, dissertations.
  • methodical - providing the process of education, training textbooks, methods, applications.
  • practical – granting a psychological assistance to the  students.
The main activities of the CPS:
  • scientific research.
  • consultative methodical.
  • therapeutic preventive.
  • education propaganda.

The scientific and methodological guidance of the CPS of UzhNU performs the Ukrainian Scientific Research Centre of the Practical Psychology and Social Work, created by the Ministry of the Education of Ukraine and the Academy of the Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

The service functions as a structural subdivision of UzhNU.

The rector of UzhNU approved a staff list in the prescribed manner in accordance with regulations (the Director of the CPS, methodist and practical psychologists, social pedagogue, social employee).

The practical psychologist provides a consultative, corrective, therapeutic assistance to the features of the construction of family and romantic intimate relations, communication harmony within the family, communication in the family, collective, society, solving internal and interpersonal conflicts, mental health and beauty of the body, stressful conditions and situations, top sports achievements, management and administration.

The social pedagogue promotes a preventional and educational activities of the center.

The social employee provides mediation activities between educational institutions, the conflicting parties, performs preventive and rehabilitative measures.

M. Polyuzhyn