UzhNU students reflected on successful professional realization during the EU Career Day: Uzhhorod

UzhNU students reflected on successful professional realization during the EU Career Day: Uzhhorod

On October 25-26, 2022, UzhNU will host events within the framework of "EU Career Day: Uzhhorod". The event takes place annually within the walls of the university and is organized together with the EU Information Center. Students will be able to participate in panel discussions and trainings related to the integration processes of Ukraine into the EU, sustainable development, international student mobility, soft skills, business during the war, etc. Professionals in the fields of education and science, government and business will help them with this.

The vice-rector of UzhNU, Ihor Korol, opened the event, "Career is something that accompanies us throughout our whole lives. Everyone wants to be happy and self-fulfilled. And that is why Uzhhorod National University pays special attention to this aspect. We consider the university to be a place that should become a springboard or runway to your successful future. Each of you lays the foundations of your career by getting education, so we will devote these days to various aspects of successful career growth."

Victoria Davydova, press and information officer at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, also greeted the participants, "It is very difficult to dwell on "peaceful" topics in such tragic times, but it is very important to continue doing your work. So I want to express my gratitude to the team of UzhNU that, despite everything, managed to organize this event, and it is very nice to see people who stay at their workplaces and keep in touch with us. Now, more than ever it is necessary to consolidate and do everything necessary to win. Despite all the challenges, there are a lot of opportunities for career development for today's youth, in particular, the EU finances a lot of projects, and their number will increase.”

 The moderator of the event was Vitaliy Andreyko, PhD., acting dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations. "Our cooperation with the EU Information Center has been going on for many years. And it was highly assessed in Kyiv recently. The opportunities that open up for our students within the framework of the implementation of EU projects are certainly timely. So, first of all, today we are planning to hold a panel discussion: "Ukraine - EU: integration in the status of a candidate for membership."

Denys Chernikov, the manager of the project "Information Support of EU Networks in Ukraine" delivered a report on the current progress of accession of Ukraine to the EU as part of the discussion for students: "First of all, I would like to note that we greatly value cooperation with Uzhhorod National University and are happy to welcome everyone present. Since the approval of the application for membership, there is a clear position of the leaders of the European institutions that they want to see Ukraine in the EU. However, it is necessary to implement a clear strategy of the development of a market economy, the elimination of corruption and the creation of investment opportunities. The EU is currently preparing a major program for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. There will be a special mechanism for this. This is a unique situation in the history of the EU, which shows that Ukraine is closer to European integration than ever before."

 Oleksandr Patskan, deputy head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, told the students about the importance of digital skills in building a career, "Today, Ukraine is one of the leaders of digital development, digital transformations and digitalization in Europe. Our European colleagues make sure of it every time they meet with our delegations. For example, Diya app. Is worh mentioning. Instead, the Transcarpathian Region is one of the leaders in the area of digitization in the country - it is among the top ten regions. Undoubtedly, all processes are getting digitized: both in business and education. That's why it's important to improve your digital skills constantly, because it's definitely something that will come in handy now and in the future."

Tetiana Buturlakina, PhD, the director of the Career Center of UzhNU noted that Ukraine was a brand for the whole world. And owing to the challenges we are facing, we have become more adaptive and stress-resistant than ever. And we should make use of it, "Education is very important. Especially now and especially for us. Philologists and translators, your time has come. There’s a huge volume of information that requires a professional, competent and professional approach. No less important in this regard is information hygiene and security, and it is a large amount of work for journalists. Language is a weapon, and the word is a tool of influence. And we realize it more than ever. It is obvious that the market will need engineers, architects, energy industry specialists. Therefore, these industries will be a priority for a long time, because we’ll have to reconstruct our country. It is important to solve all issues with the help of innovative approaches. Now more than ever, it's time for your startups, ideas and projects."

Other speakers in this panel discussion were: a regional representative of SoftServe in the city of Uzhhorod, a member of the board of the Transcarpathian IT cluster Oleksandr Meryavchyk, journalist Roman Sovyak, Dr. of Hist. Sciences, Professor Ihor Todorov, PhD, deputy dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations Olesya Benchak.

 Trainings, lectures and discussions for students were also prepared by the director of the Center for Sustainable Development of UzhNU, Hanna Melehanych, a mentor of SoftServe IT Academy, the head of the International Relations Department of UzhNU, Oksana Svezhentseva, deputy dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations, Ph.D. Viktoria Bondarenko, and the head of Diya Business Entrepreneur Support Center in Uzhhorod Lesya Keyner.