Charitable organisation of foreign medical students in Uzhhorod assists Uzhhorod City Paediatric Hospital

Charitable organisation of foreign medical students in Uzhhorod assists Uzhhorod City Paediatric Hospital

Recently, students of Medical Faculty №2 founded a charitable volunteer organization SMILE - «Students medical international league». Their first activity was assistance to children treated in Uzhhorod City Paediatric Hospital. Foreign students purchased and donated modern medical diagnostic devices to the hospital, including non-contact infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter measuring pulse rate and hemoglobin oxygen saturation.

As members of SMILE say, their goal is voluntary activity and assistance to medical institutions of Uzhhorod. They are also planning to implement humanitarian projects, including free training in English for everyone.

The dean of the Medical Faculty №2 Vasyl Kaliy supports students’ initiative: "We started the year with good deeds. This is the first step and I am sure that this initiative will develop and we’ll  cover other medical institutions of Uzhhorod. Students chose Uzhhorod City Paediatric Hospital because there was good attitude to them and there are children who always need care. Foreign medical students can objectively see the situation in our hospitals and realize what equipment is missing. Therefore, we are going to provide such assistance to medical institutions that they really need."

 The head of one of the departments of Uzhhorod City Paediatric Hospital Andriayana Yankovska says: "We are very pleased to cooperate with foreign students. They are happy to communicate with our patients and medical staff. There were even cases when they saw that we had abandoned children and did not remain uninvolved, on the contrary, they brought diapers and other necessary things, provided a lot of help."

 After the successful launch of the charitable initiatives, foreign students are ready to continue their volunteering activity and implement new humanitarian and social projects. 


Medical student Liton Bhomik pointed out  that foreign students are an important part of our Uzhgorod community and they would like to maintain good relations with local residents. He stated that:  "To be a good doctor, you must have alot of practice, which is impossible without good relations with the patient. Without  trust between a doctor and patient there  cannot be effective treatment of the patient. Thus we , as an organisation want to try to help patients become closer to  future doctors, and build a good relationship with them. "

The Dean of the Medical Faculty №2 Vasyl Kaly supports the initiative of students, and has stated that: "He is pleased that they started the year with good cause." This is just the first step and the Dean has confidence  that the Organisation will develop, and will assist  other medical institutions in Uzhgorod. The students chose Uzhgorod City Paediatrics' Hospital because they feel if is a good hospital with friendly people and helpful stuff and there are always children who need care. The Dean pointed out that the Medical students objectively analyzed  the situation in Uzhgorod hospitals ,and have seen that there is a shortage of some of the necessary equipment to be able to treat patients effectively and decided to do something about it.This organisation will provide such assistance to health facilities which is truly necessary. "



The Head of the department of Uzhgorod City Paediatrics' Hospital - Andriana Yankovska said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with foreign students".

She has noticed that they are happy to communicate with the patients and medical staff. She stated that there were even cases when foreign students saw that there were  orphans at the hospital and the students did not remain aloof, on the contrary - they provided "diapers"  ,amongst other things to help take care of the child, this provided a lot of help.

After this successful launch of the charitable initiatives of foreign students , the organisation is set to continue volunteering within the community and implement new SMILE humanitarian and social projects.