UzhNU is among the leading universities of Ukraine on the basis of results of 2017 admission campaign (Rating)

UzhNU is among the leading universities of Ukraine on the basis of results of 2017 admission campaign (Rating)

Information system "Vstup.OSVITA.UA" has recently compiled and published the first rating of higher educational institutions based on the results of 2017 admission campaign. For the compilation of the rating, statistical data collected from all Ukrainian institutions of higher education, except for military educational institutions and military training units of higher educational institutions, were analyzed.

 The statistical data are divided into several groups and contain the information about the number of people enrolled to universities on tuition-free and tuition-based education principles, the competition for one tuition-free place, the number of people enrolled to private universities, applicants’ average External Independent Testing score, etc.

The official website of UzhNU reminds its readers that last year the University (together with the college) enrolled the record number of students in the history of the University - 5,015. This figure is very significant if compared with the number of applicants enrolled to other Ukrainian universities. It is, in fact, reflected in the rating published by

 The ranking tables "Applicants enrolled on tuition-based education principle" and "Applicants enrolled on a tuition-free education basis" determine the leaders among the educational institutions, which enrolled the largest number of applicants for the first year of study for obtaining Bachelor's degree (Master of Medicine, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine).

 Therefore, last year, Uzhhorod National University enrolled 736 students on a tuition-free basis for the first year of study, which is the 13th best result in Ukraine among 224 universities. It is important to mention another figure: 12.74 -  was a competition for one tuition-free place at UzhNU in 2017 admission campaign.

 As for admission on the contractual basis, the result of UzhNU is even better – our university is the 9th among 392 higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Last year 1,332 freshers were enrolled to Uzhhorod National University on the basis of the contract.