UzhNU authorities conducted a meeting with the team of the Faculty of Geography

UzhNU authorities conducted a meeting with the team of the Faculty of Geography

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, the Rector of UzhNU, Volodymyr Smolanka, had his first this year’s meeting with the team of the Faculty of Geography. Such meetings, initiated by the leadership of the university, will be held with the teams of each faculty. Their purpose is to solve the current issues and make the work of teachers and students more comfortable.

Before the meeting, the Rector, Volodymyr Smolanka, and Vice-Rectors, Myroslava Lendel and Dmytro Soyma, visited the laboratories and classrooms, which needed renovation, and improvement of their material and technical base.

Starting the meeting, the dean of the Faculty of Geography Vasyl Kalynych told about the stages of formation of the structural unit. At present, there are 53 scientific and pedagogical staff members at the faculty, including 4 professors and 13 associate professors, who teach 510 students, including 275 full-time and 245 part-time students.

 The head of the faculty described the difficulties the faculty encountered: "The most pressing issue is the lack of classrooms, our students encounter difficulties in the field of computer simulation, we lack some scientific equipment. Last year we bought an electronic tacheometer under the grant scheme, but this is not enough. New equipment is very expensive and the faculty has objective difficulties with its purchase," said Vasyl Kalynych. The faculty also needs multimedia devices. One of the issues to be solved is the replacement of old windows with the new ones, it will significantly improve energy saving.

Stepan Pop, the head of the Department of Physical Geography and Efficient Environmental Management, shared his desires concerning the strategies for the development of science, in particular, he stressed the need for basic funding of the research activity, which was essential for providing students with high quality education.

The Rector of UzhNU, Volodymyr Smolanka, responding to the questions of the staff of the Faculty of Geography, noted that the current financial position of the university allowed improving the university’s facilities. The rector encouraged the members of the Faculty of Geography to submit the requests for the purchase of the necessary multimedia equipment, educational and scientific equipment, in particular modern microscopes. This year, it is also planned to renovate the classrooms and laboratories at the Faculty of Geography and replace some windows in the main building of UzhNU.