Greening of the Planet initiative results have been summed up

Greening of the Planet initiative results have been summed up

A tree planting action took place for the second time in Transcarpathia and Uzhhorod, in particular, the achievement was marked as a Ukrainian record last year, and a world one this year. Uzhhorod National University is a co-organizer of the action in the Transcarpathian region; the director of the Center for Sustainable Development, Associate Professor of the Faculty of History and International Relations Hanna Melehanych is its coordinator.

On April 22, the Earth Day, the organizers of the global environmental project "Greening of the Planet" announced the results of the action "1 million trees in 1 day in 100 countries". The action took place on April 10, 2021.


Number of participating countries - 110.

Total number of participants - 2,145,493, including 559,044 from Ukraine and 1,586,449 from all around the world.

Total number of planted trees - 5,544,679. 4,124,590 planted in Ukraine, 1,420,089 in the world.

Number of tree species - 184.

Leading countries that united the largest number of people and planted the largest number of trees are Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Belarus, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Indonesia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Kuwait, Singapore.

The same results have been summarized in Transcarpathia. 72,849 - a total of trees and seedlings, of which 64,910 planted in the forest and 7839 in the communities of the region. 757 trees of 15 species were planted in Uzhhorod. A total of 3,019 Transcarpathians took part in the action on April 10.

Co-organizers and partners of the action in Transcarpathia gathered in the Padiyun Hall on April 23 to discuss ther plans for the future. Moreover, 30 children from all over the region were awarded for drawing the best drawings on the topic "Plant a Tree” (by the way, over 2,000 drawings by children aged 4 to 16 have been sent for the competition). Everyone agreed that efforts had to be made to preserve the ecosystem and sustainable development.

These results have been recorded in the Book of Records of Ukraine in the category: "Mass events".as a world achievement - the most massive one day tree planting activity held in 110 countries. For the first time, a representative of Uzhhorod National University, Hanna Melehanych, received a certificate.