European integration of education: how it works at UzhNU

European integration of education: how it works at UzhNU

When it comes to Euroropean reforms, it is often not easy to show cause and effect, and even more difficult to find a specific outcome. After all, in many areas, changes take a long time and are not very dynamic, and the results are not very noticeable to the people who are not subject matter specialists. However, higher education is one of the areas where European integration is successful and it's easy to see its results, for example, at Uzhhorod National University.

 7 facts about the international cooperation of UzhNU

1. UzhNU has signed coopepation agreements with 115 foreign partners.

2. There are approximately 700 business trips abroad a year, more than 300 are made by students.

3. Under the Erasmus+ programme, students of UzhNU can study for one semester at 11 universities in seven European countries, including Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania.

4. On average, about 100 experts from abroad are involved in delivering lectures to students and participating in professional discussions held at the university each year.

5. In the autumn of 2018 alone, 18 international educational and scientific projects were prepared at the University.

6. Last year, students of UzhNU studied abroad in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Germany, went on internships to Turkey, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, and participated in international conferences and seminars held in Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Romania.

7. UzhNU ranks 7-8 among all Ukrainian universities by academic mobility index.