Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Social Sciences

Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Social Sciences

We continue our weekly column having coffee remotely!) Today we are talking about the benefits of the Faculty of Social Sciences with the Dean Yuriy Ostapets and a student Volodymyr Popovych.

 Volodymyr Popovych, a 2nd year student:

1. This is the faculty for those who want to study different aspects of society functioning and development! There are a lot of specialties to choose from. Philosophers pay more attention to basic everyday values; political scientists and managers to politics and political management; sociologists study the trends and perspectives based on surveys; psychologists learn how to heal human souls. The faculty also trains educators, future elementary school teachers, and social workers.

 2. Despite so many specialties, we have a friendly student team. We work and relax together, we have launched a number of student festivals, such as “Student Flavour”, the Day of the Faculty, Fresher Day, etc.

3. Of course, I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers and professors of the Faculty of Social Sciences. They are the best. First of all, they are highly qualified and human, they are recognized across Ukraine and internationally, they share the most up-to-date knowledge with us.

4. Students of the faculty have the opportunity to get Master’s degrees abroad, and participate in student exchange programmes.

5. And of course about employment. The specialties of the Faculty of Social Sciences are the specialties of highly advanced modern societies, which pay considerable attention to the development of civil society and social sphere.

Yuriy Ostapets, the Dean:

 1. The Faculty of Social Sciences is the faculty where a large number of scientific disciplines is taught. Society (the system as a whole and its individual parts, functions and elements) is the main object of study in all these disciplines. Humans are social beings. They cannot live their lives to the full beyond society. What was, is and will the society be? What is the place of the individual in it and how he or she influences social processes? These and many other issues can be of interest to the young people today. If you dream of mastering knowledge about society, exploring the peculiarities and tendencies of its development, influencing social processes and the future of society, choose the Faculty of Social Sciences!

 2. As the dean, I believe that there are only two ways to attract young people to the faculty. Firstly, it is comfort in the broad sense of the word, and secondly, it is the quality of the knowledge. As for the comfort, the friendly staff of the faculty do their best to make the students feel confident both when studying and relaxing. As for the quality of the knowledge, it is ensured by a strong team of faculty members, including 12 professors, 46 associate professors, and 18 seniour lecturers and teachers, who share their knowledge and experience with students during lectures and seminars, scientific conferences, and student scientific group meetings.

3. The specialties of the faculty are the ones that ensure the functioning and development of social, political and spiritual areas of society and are relevant for highly developed postmodern societies. Graduates of the faculty can engage in research, diagnostic, consultative and production-management work, carry out educational functions, provide the population with rehabilitation, preventive and social-technological assistance. We want to emphasize that our graduates have wide employment opportunities. However, it will depend on each student’s efforts, their desire to study and achieve goals.

 4. The scientific potential of the faculty is also powerful. From the first year, students are involved in scientific work. Our graduates can continue their studies at the postgraduate courses in one of the three specialties, including political science, pedagogy, and sociology. A number of scientific and practical conferences, which have already gained the status of international ones, are held at the faculty. Each year, the faculty members publish monographs, journals, and textbooks.

 5. The international cooperation of the Faculty of Social Sciences is also noteworthy. Teachers and students have the opportunity to participate in international grant projects. Under the international agreements on double diploma programmes, our students can do Master’s courses at several European universities. The harmonious combination of training, scientific work, leisure, and sports will make your study unforgettable and give you the opportunity to gain deep, fundamental professional knowledge and skills.