Department of Physical Rehabilitation

This department was founded in 2002. Valeriy Tovt, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, was its first head. In 2003–2004 the speciality “Physical Rehabilitation” was accredited by the State Commission of Ukraine with the giving of right of continuing educational activity for the next seven years at the educational and qualification level “Specialist”. In 2005 Felix Filak, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor, was elected as the head of the department in accordance with the competition. In 2012 Olena Dulo, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor, was elected as the head for the next seven years. At the department, there are the following persons: one professor, doctor of sciences, two associate professors and three candidates of sciences, one tutor. The department provides graduation and takes responsibility for scientific work and students’ training on the biological and medical disciplines in accordance with the state standards. According to the agreements, the students can have their practice in the medical and preventive institutions, rehabilitation centres of Transcarpathia, increase their professional level under the supervision of the department tutors. The department works at the enrichment of the scientific laboratory with the newest equipment for determining the health state and workability of people of different age, sportsmen, and also sick people. There are elaborated recommendations and complex rehabilitation programs for different groups of population in order to renew the health state and the level of physical workability.

The Department’s Scientific Activity and Prospects of Development

The department performs scientific investigations on the following topic: “Newest Technologies in Physical Rehabilitation, the Estimation of Life Quality of Different Population Groups in Case of Diseases of Internal Organs and Systems in the Organism and of the Locomotorium”, the state registration number 0111U001870.

On the base of the Uzhhorod National University Sport Complex, the department staff investigates the spreading of excessive body mass and the physical activity level among the girl-students of different faculties within Uzhhorod National University. It is found out that for correction of body mass the most effective are aerobic trainings with the including of short-time high-intensity loadings. On the base of the sanatorium “Maliatko”, there are examined the junior-school children suffering from relapsing bronchitis; for this children there are elaborated the recommendations concerning the formation of healthy life by means of physical training.

There is examined the adult population with the diseases of the locomotorium and the pathology of the digestion system, people under rehabilitation in the sanatoriums “Poliana” and “Orlyne Hnizdo”. There is elaborated the complex rehabilitation program at the sanatorium stage for people suffering from chronic enteritis and chronic non-ulcer colitis. On the base of the sanatorium “Orlyne Hnizdo” there are elaborated the investigations of the efficiency of the patients’ complex rehabilitation after the stroke in the early period. The advantage of this work consists in studying the efficiency of skenar-therapy in the rehabilitation of the patients after stroke.

On the base of the analysis of scientific literature there are determined the prospects of studying the physical health level of the Transcarpathian region inhabitants according to the indications of the organism aerobic and anaerobic productivity.

There is continued the collecting of information and the analysis of Uzhhorod and Transcarpathian children’s medical cards when the students have their practice at schools under the department tutors’ supervision. It is found out that the chronic diseases and pathological states occur in 75% of pupils. Within the structure of the diseases, the diseases of the locomotorium (about ½ of the pupils) and the internal organs’ diseases (about ¼ of the pupils); therefore, it is necessary to elaborate and conduct adequate rehabilitation programs. The junior pupils are also examined concerning their psychological and emotional state in order to find those having disorders of the psychological and emotional character and to correct them by means of physical training.

The department has agreements about scientific cooperation with the rehabilitation centre “Doroha Zhyttia” (The Way of Life), Perechyn boarding-school, sanatoriums “Maliatko” and “Orlyne Hnizdo”, Regional Physical Training Dispensary; these agreements foresee the joint scientific elaborations in the field “Physical Training, Sports and Human Health”.

There is the students’ scientific group functioning with the department. According to the results of the scientific and investigative work, the students make reports for the final scientific conference; they present their reports also beyond Uzhhorod. At the Uzhhorod National University Policlinic, there is functioning the rehabilitation centre with the rooms for curative gymnastics, massage, and the functional diagnostics laboratory, where the students can study and increase their professional level after studying (under the department tutors’ supervision). The students studying at the department can use their knowledge in practice at the medical and preventive institutions, rehabilitation centres.