Department of Physical Education

Physical training and sport are an integral part of the university students’ education. Since the university foundation the organizational structure and methods of physical education have repeatedly changed.

Department of Physical Education is one of the oldest departments at the University, formally established in the spring of 1948. Since its opening in 1958 the department was headed by Ivan T. Sobenko. From 1958 till 2013 Michailovich Stepan Aleksandrovich, PhD (pedagogy), Professor, the Honoured Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine ran the Department.

Нагородження переможців та призерів з легкоатлетичного кросу проводить професор кафедри фізичного виховання Михайлович С.О.

Since May 2013 the university Department of Physical Education has been headed by Ph.D.(pedagogy), Associate Professor, Master of Sports of Ukraine in Athletics Ivan I. Marionda.

Today, the faculty of the department comprises 31 highly skilled specialists who professionally combine academic activity with sports and research, attracting students as well; namely: 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 Ph.D. (pedagogy), 2 Ph.D. (Physical Education), 19 senior teachers, and 9 instructors. Of these, there are 2 Honoured Workers of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine and 7 masters of sports.

Department of Physical Education is active in the following domains: education, research, methodology, and mass sports.

The main objective of the department now is to improve the teaching and methodology of Physical Education, to adjust the learning process to the educational standards of the Bologna system, to introduce modern scientific and athletic trends in promoting healthy lifestyles among students, and to provide students with the fundamentals of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and methods in physical education, with experience in applying the obtained values lifelong in personal, educational, professional activities at home and in the family.

In the course of training the University students have an opportunity to improve their fitness using sports facilities of the university: training and sports complex "Burevestnik", which combines two gyms, a stadium and one of the best swimming pools in the region.

Відкриття 64-ої спартакіади  ДВНЗ "УжНУ"

The university students’ Sports Festival, which has been held since 1950, is hugely popular. Now its program includes competition in track cross-country race, basketball, volleyball, athletics, indoor soccer, table tennis, chess and swimming. Moreover, the Sport Festival for the faculty and staff of the University is held, as well as sports tournaments and festivals in almost all faculties.

Students who have appropriate athletic training are able to train themselves at sports clubs in 9 sports. The picked teams of the University each year participate in student competitions among higher educational institutions of the region, and the leading student athletes - in sports competitions of the highest rank in our country and abroad.

Students with health problems are engaged in special medical groups under the guidance of qualified professionals.

Department of Physical Education is located in the sports complex "Burevestnik", which is the best among universities in the region, which makes it possible to provide quality physical education classes and organize a training process in many popular sports.